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WiiRemote access Library for Proce55ing

  • If you are Japanese see here


Pakages for Proce55ing

  • Wrj4P5 : WiiRemote access Library
  • Loc : 3Dgeom., Vector, Matrix, Equation System, parametric vector function, having solvers
  • l4P5 : (static) methods drawing objects in the pakage Loc on the Processing

The sample sketches are Classiclll's Proce55ing Test Page.

System Requirements

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Released at 2008-01-17 23:40
wrj4p5 alpha-004 (2 files Hide)

Release Notes

Wrj4P5 alpha-004 released!

WiiRemoteJ v1.2 released
1. a workaround in WiiRemoteJ to avoid a bug in BlueSoleil
2. new support of WiiGuitar

so, Wij4P5 support WiiGuitar too,
and, BlueSoleil(BTstack for windows) + BlueCove2.0.2 may be run well
* a functinality of WiiGuitar support is not tested because i have not the WiiGuitar

public class PApplet {
void guitarPressed(GuitarEvent ev, int rid)
void guitarReleased(GuitarEvent ev, int rid)

public class Wrj4P5 {
WiiGuitar guitar
WiiGuitar guitar(int rid)

public class WiiRimokon {
WiiGuitar guitar

public class WiiGuitar {
Loc stick // latest sensed 2D(Loc) location(%) of the stick.
float whammy // latest sensed pressure(%) of the WhammyBar.

public class GuitarEvent {
final static int BLUE
final static int GREEN
final static int ORANGE
final static int RED
final static int STRUM_DOWN
final static int STRUM_UP
final static int YELLOW
final static int MINUS
final static int PLUS
boolean isAnyPressed(int button)

boolean isOnlyPressed(int button)
boolean isPressed(int button)
boolean wasOnlyPressed(int button)
boolean wasPressed(int button)
boolean wasReleased(int button)
Loc getStick() // get the current stick 2D(Loc) position. (-1 to 1)
float getWhammyBar() // get the current amount the whammy bar is pushed. (0 to 1)


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