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WiiRemote access Library for Proce55ing

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Pakages for Proce55ing

  • Wrj4P5 : WiiRemote access Library
  • Loc : 3Dgeom., Vector, Matrix, Equation System, parametric vector function, having solvers
  • l4P5 : (static) methods drawing objects in the pakage Loc on the Processing

The sample sketches are Classiclll's Proce55ing Test Page.

System Requirements

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Released at 2009-03-01 13:56
wrj4p5 alpha-010 (2 files Hide)

Release Notes

- added : the Wii Drum Extension (needs WiiremoteJv1.6, and not tested)
- fixed : multiple motes on Lepard now compatible to Processing1.0.3+, WiiremoteJ v1.6+, and BlueCCove2.0.3 (not 2.1.0+)
- fixed : refer to the ticket system on this site.

・Wii Drumに対応(WiiremoteJv1.6必須、未テスト)
・Leopardで複数リモコケースがProcessing1.0.1で不安定だった現象を緩和(Processing1.0.3以上+WiiremoteJ v1.6+BlueCove2.0.3)


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