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This application is a lightweight GUI front-end for the x264 H.264/AVC as well as the x265 H.265/HEVC encoder, based on the Qt toolkit.

Some key features of the Simple x264/x265 Launcher software include:

Support for creating H.264/AVC (x264) and H.265/HEVC (x265) files, Fully self-contained, *no* additional Codecs or Plugin's are required, 64-Bit as well as 32-Bit encoder binaries are fully supported, Optionally the "high bit-depth" encoder variants can be selected, Batch encoding (job control) support is implemented, If desired, multiple encoding jobs can be executed concurrently, Adding new jobs via command-line interface is supported, Input from the Avisynth *and* VapurSynth frame servers is supported, 32-Bit Avisynth/VapourSynth can be mixed with 64-Bit x264/x265, Straightforward encoder setup thanks to the Preset and Tuning system, Custom encoder parameters can be added, if desired, Easily manage your encoder configurations with user-defined templates, Consistent "look & feel" on all systems thanks to the Qt toolkit


win32 Windows x264_launcher.2020-11-19.exe (Date: 2020-11-21, Size: 75.19 MB)
source Source Code x264_launcher.2020-11-19.source.txz (Date: 2020-11-21, Size: 3.34 MB)
misc Other (Date: 2020-11-21, Size: 108.94 MB)

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