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2017-05-12 19:43
Git: 8799a18c2e444b8aaa9f
2014-09-30 23:34
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2014-09-13 16:46
Git: c1bfc099f4dcea4eed11
2013-06-04 20:04
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2012-09-08 22:24
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2015-05-19 18:09
エクスプローラ等でshift+矢印キー(↑や↓)を入力すると、複数ファイルを選択することができますが これと同じことをshift+ctr...
2014-03-22 14:43
In xkeymacs-110830, the hook state remains unchanged when the keyboard focus moves from another application to IE10 o...
2013-01-29 00:44
I like to bind additional functionality in Visual Studio to Emacs prefixes. For example a significantly nicer find f...
2012-05-01 17:31
Visual Studio 2010 + Windows 7(32bit)の環境で、F12(編集,定義へ移動)を押すとまれに本来の動作をせず、 Visual Studioの...
2012-01-20 08:15
I installed xkeymacs on my Windows 7 box, and it works great with all other apps, but doesn't work with Visual Studio...

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2015-12-17 21:33


2013-07-10 23:10

7/10 のwindows アップデートで xkeymacs が効かなくなりました。x64 版同梱の sn....

2013-04-05 03:06

Thank you, good project.

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