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XKeymacs provides key bindings like Emacs for applications running on Microsoft Windows. You can also configure bindings for each application.

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Released at 2011-06-11 09:15
snapshot xkeymacs-110611 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

An intermediate version based on the HEAD revsion in the repository.



Change history since xkeymacs64-110503
- Fix a bug where the task manager can't show tasks.
- Fix a bug where the keyboard hook can't be released.
- Fix a bug where the focus moves to the menu when you release Alt
first when you use a shortcut key with Alt on Visual Studio.
- Fix a bug where M-d don't work on Internet Explorer.
- Fix a bug where deactivating the mark fails on Visual Studio.
- Fix a bug where the choice of the default setting for an application can't be saved once you choose the setting specific to it.

- タスクマネージャがタスクを表示しなくなるバグを修正。
- キーボードフックがリリースされないバグを修正。
- Altキーを使うショートカットキーで、Altを先に離すとフォーカスが
- Internet ExplorerでM-dが動かないバグを修正。
- Visual Studioでマークのキャンセルが効かないバグを修正。
- 一度アプリケーション独自の設定を選んでしまうと、標準の設定に戻して