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xkeymacs: Commit

Commit MetaInfo

Revision78e2c1ccbe8fec446a2963351786a1f7a73dbadb (tree)
Time2014-09-11 22:22:27
AuthorKazuhiro Fujieda <fujieda@user...>
CommiterKazuhiro Fujieda

Log Message

Fix the bug where the hook state remains unchanged when IE10 or later has the keyboard focus

In xkeymacs-110830, the hook state remains unchanged when the keyboard
focus moves from another application to IE10 or later. After the change
of 55ddea2, the hook stays disabled in IE10 or later.

To change the hook state, CXkeymacsDll::CallWndProc calls
InitKeyboardProc when an appliation get the keyboard focus. It calls
only when the window is the foreground window. Each tab window in IE10
or later belong to a different process and does not become
foreground. So InitKeyboardProc is not called and the hook mode remains

To fix this bug, CallWndProc should call InitKeyboardProc even if the
focused window is not foreground.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/xkeymacsdll/xkeymacsdll.cpp
+++ b/xkeymacsdll/xkeymacsdll.cpp
@@ -270,11 +270,9 @@ LRESULT CALLBACK CXkeymacsDll::CallWndProc(int nCode, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lPar
270270 InitKeyboardProc();
271271 break;
272272 case WM_SETFOCUS:
273- if (cwps->hwnd == GetForegroundWindow()) {
274- AppName::SetIMEState(false);
275- InitKeyboardProc();
276- ShowHookState();
277- }
273+ AppName::SetIMEState(false);
274+ InitKeyboardProc();
275+ ShowHookState();
278276 break;
279277 case WM_NCACTIVATE:
280278 if (cwps->wParam && cwps->hwnd == GetForegroundWindow()) {
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