XooNIps 3.48 has been released
2014-01-31 14:32 (by orrisroot)

XooNIps 3.48 has been released.

This version is maintenance release from ver.3.47.
This update release contains security fixes, we strongly recommend to update to this version.

Change Logs:
* Bug fixes
  - Fixed XSS security issue on item listing page.
  - Fixed detail search bugs.
    - Fatal error occured on full-text search of attachment file.
    - Item is not searched if attachment file is deleted.
  - Fixed bug for HTTPS connection with external systems.
  - Fixed bug for login redirection.
* Other enhancements
  - Added new item-type interface '${xnpXXX}GetHeadMeta()'. It can provide
    a function to output metadata into HTML head section. (experimental)
    - In order to implement this function, we refer to the following website:
      http://www.zuki-ebetsu.jp/blog/2011/08/10/1312980457/ (in Japanese)
      Thanks for providing useful information.
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