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2020-09-20 22:09
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2020-09-21 16:47
XCU 2.13.1 Patterns Matching a Single Character: If a pattern ends with an unescaped , it is unspecified whether the ...
2020-09-21 16:26
Yash's results for printf "%s\n" "${HOME+\{\}}" is different from other shells'. In other shells (bash, dash, ksh, mk...
2020-09-20 21:36
The extended glob algorithm is slow especially when more than one ** component appear in a pattern. Maybe we can impr...
2020-09-15 22:25
POSIX XCU 2.6.4: The expression shall be treated as if it were in double-quotes, except that a double-quote inside th...
2020-09-08 22:05
Yash currently expands "$@""$@" to an empty field when there is no positional parameters, but other shells seem to ex...

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