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Yet another shell (yash) is a POSIX-compliant command line shell, featuring more strict POSIX compliance than those of other shells, as well as powerful command line editing.

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Released at 2009-05-10 22:05
yash 2.9 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Yet another shell, version 2.9.

This version includes interactive line-editing as a new feature, though it is not yet fully implemented.

Command history handling routines have been rewritten to share the history among multiple shell processes. These routines use a new history file format that is not compatible with that of older yash. The old format history file will be converted into the new format when the new version of yash is first invoked.

Yet another shell, バージョン 2.9。




Yash 2.9

+ Line-editing in the interactive mode.
x Line-editing is not fully implemented.
+ Multiple instances of shell that use the same file for the history file now share the history.
- The "history" builtin has been removed.
= Now non-ASCII alphabets are allowed in variable names.
= Now nested parameter expansions must be enclosed by braces.
= The "help" builtin now prints an error message if the specified builtin is not found.
* Fixed floating-point arithmetics in arithmetic expansions.
* Fixed parser for arithmetic expansions that was incorrectly rejecting identifiers that start with underscores.
* Fixed parser that had trouble parsing parameter expansions containing the hash sign like "${#=x}".
* Fixed the help message for the "pwd" builtin.

Yash 2.9

+ 対話モードにおける行編集機能
x 行編集の実装がまだ途中
+ 同じ履歴ファイルを使用する複数のシェルのインスタンス同士で履歴を共有するように
- "history" 組込みを廃止
= 非 ASCII なアルファベットも変数名に使えるように
= 入れ子のパラメータ展開は必ずブレースでくくらないといけないように
= "help" 組込みで、指定したコマンドが見つからなければエラーを出すように
* 算術展開における小数演算が正しくないことがあった
* 算術展開で下線で始まる識別子がエラーになっていた
* "${#" で始まるパラメータ展開の解析を修正 (例: "${#=x}")
* "pwd" 組込みのヘルプメッセージを修正