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Yet another shell (yash) is a POSIX-compliant command line shell, featuring more strict POSIX compliance than those of other shells, as well as powerful command line editing.

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Released at 2009-05-27 00:25
yash 2.10 (2 files Hide)

Release Notes

Yash: yet another shell, version 2.10.

This version includes some new features and minor bug fixes.

Yash: yet another shell バージョン 2.10 です。



Yash 2.10

+ History search in line-editing.
= Empty lines are no longer stored in the history.
= In the vi-like line-editing, "cw" and "cW" now work as in vi.
* Setting the "notifyle" option caused a segfault if yash was configured with line-editing disabled.
* In line-editing, undoing a change to a history entry did not restore the cursor position properly.
* Some fixes for invalid memory access during line-editing.

Yash 2.10

+ 行編集におけるコマンド履歴検索
= 内容のない行は履歴に入れないように
= vi 風行編集で、"cw" と "cW" が実際の vi と同様に振る舞うように
* 行編集なしで configure したとき "notifyle" オプションを設定しようとするとセグフォが発生していた
* 行編集で、編集した履歴をアンドゥしたときカーソル位置が正しくなかった
* 行編集中の不正メモリアクセスのいくつかの修正