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Yet another shell (yash) is a POSIX-compliant command line shell, featuring more strict POSIX compliance than those of other shells, as well as powerful command line editing.

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Released at 2012-10-27 11:15
yash 2.33 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Yet another shell, version 2.33.

This version includes minor fixes.

Yet another shell バージョン 2.33 です。



Yash 2.33

= The "help" built-in now prints brief usage of built-ins.
= Some error messages for command syntax error have been revised.
= Some built-ins now check command syntax more strictly.
* The "set" built-in aborts the shell on a command syntax error
as specified in POSIX.

=: specification change
*: bug fix

Yash 2.33

= "help" 組込みの出力を内蔵の説明文に変更
= コマンドの構文エラーに関する一部のエラーメッセージを変更
= いくつかの組込みコマンドで構文エラーをより厳密にチェックする
* "set" 組込みの引数の構文が間違っているとき、POSIX の規定に従い

=: 仕様変更
*: バグ修正