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Rev. Time Author Message
r4171 2021-09-01 00:08:12 magicant Optimize field splitting code
r4170 2021-08-16 13:43:50 magicant codeql: Test merge commit for pull request
r4169 2021-06-02 00:38:37 magicant makesignum: Use default for 0 The switch statement shoul...
r4168 2021-06-02 00:38:34 magicant Pass values of correct type to printf
r4167 2021-04-30 22:37:56 magicant Makefile: Support zstd-compressed distribution
r4166 2021-04-20 10:36:04 magicant completion/git: Parse option arguments before target word
r4165 2021-04-14 00:52:38 magicant Amend parameter name in parse_cmdsubst_in_backquote The ...
r4164 2021-02-09 23:43:15 magicant doc/ja/params: Typo
r4163 2021-01-01 15:49:25 magicant Detect Vim more safely (#41000)
r4162 2020-12-27 23:10:39 magicant Makefile.in: Clear $MAKEFLAGS in distcheck The "make che...

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