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ZenTao is an open source Scrum tool for application development projects with features including

Backlog Management✓ Sprint and task✓ bug tracking✓ Scrum✓ Waterfall✓ Roadmap✓ Burndown✓ Kanban✓ SaaS✓ Self Hosting✓


Product management: product, story, backlog, plan, release and roadmap

Project management: project, Sprint, task, build and burndown chart

Test management: bug, test case, test request and test result

CI: Jenkins integration, automation testing, ZTF

Doc management: product document library, project document library

Work management: todo management and my task/ bug/ story/ project

Company management: user, department, group and privileges

Report: various statistic reports and custom reports

Search: robust search function



System Requirements

Linux + Apache + PHP(5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2 + MySQL(5.5/5.6)/mariadb is recommended, followed by Nginx, while IIS+PHP is not recommended.


win32 Windows (Date: 2020-11-23, Size: 42.10 MB)
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unix_unknown UNIX (Date: 2020-11-23, Size: 7.60 MB)
source Source Code (Date: 2020-11-23, Size: 7.60 MB)

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2020-12-18 14:36
Review by pixeljobs

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It's a very good Scrum tool, totally free even without registering on the website.
Bug tracking, sprint tracking, Wiki library.
Report can't be exported as MS office word and excel if you are not a paid user.

2020-11-04 18:32
Review by John Z

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ZenTao is quite an inclusive Scrum tool. It is perfect for agile teams. You can manage product backlog items, plans, releases, and test cases, and track bugs. It also has a notification feature that you can update the status of your bugs and task. Generally speaking, it is very handy.
VERY VERY ALL-INCLUSIVE. As it is been said, ZenTao is a tool for application lifecycle management, covering the management from the start to the end. Our team finds the Story, Bug, Task, and Test Case in ZenTao are quite useful as they are all connected with each other. It does help improve the performance and team communication on tasks.
The document sharing feature needs to be optimized, although you can integrate LibreOffice and Collabora Office in ZenTao.

2020-09-14 15:42
Review by Troy

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Based on php, very flexible to do extensions with api, many features included based on scrum. It's a very interesting tool. And all codes seem to be open source and i could do customization easily.
Product, sprint and test all included for free, i don't need to pay for any for this tool. Users stories link together with product, sprint and test. An amazing tool with so many features.
I don't see requirements before user stories for a product and it seems to be specifically designed for developing teams, not a general pm tool
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