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ZenTao is an open source Scrum tool for application development projects with features including

Backlog Management✓ Sprint and task✓ bug tracking✓ Scrum✓ Waterfall✓ Roadmap✓ Burndown✓ Kanban✓ SaaS✓ Self Hosting✓


Product management: product, story, backlog, plan, release and roadmap

Project management: project, Sprint, task, build and burndown chart

Test management: bug, test case, test request and test result

CI: Jenkins integration, automation testing, ZTF

Doc management: product document library, project document library

Work management: todo management and my task/ bug/ story/ project

Company management: user, department, group and privileges

Report: various statistic reports and custom reports

Search: robust search function



System Requirements

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Released at 2020-11-23 12:06
ZenTao Open Source 12.5 (10 files Hide)

Release Notes

ZenTao Open Source 12.5.stable is released. This release is to fix bugs and to develop stories with top priorities.


5487 Add restrictions to the version number of ZenTao Pro and Ent. 5458 Date and HH/MM/SS should be recorded for Actual Start and Finish a task. 5389 Optimize the page for a successful installation. 5387 Admin-Develop-Entry. Remove extra coma for the alias. 5383 Add Convert to Task for Story. 5382 Add a prompt to Delete a project. 5261 Kanban. Drag a task to a swimlane, Assignee should be kept by default. 5221 Test-Request. Add Linked Library to search conditions for Link Case. 5219 Add Mailto in Doc. 5218 Add Todos by a specific date. 5217 Add Tab and Query to Expect Versions. 5194 Task page. Click a story and create a case for it directly. 5193 Expect Case con is displayed in linked Request and Case Library. 5144 Admin-Custom. Add Read-Only control to Close Product/Project. 5126 Add pass parameters to Jenkins in Job. 4421 Compatible for Centos8 in one-click installation. 4329 Add privilege to webhook. 3423 Change the logic of session.save_path.