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sbxp(freshmeat) SBXP SBXP is a high performance stream-based XML par... DOWNLOAD
brookgpu(freshmeat) Brook for GPUs Brook for GPUs is a compiler and runtime implem... DOWNLOAD
recvnet(freshmeat) recvnet recvnet is the inverse of telnet. Instead of co... DOWNLOAD
q3master(freshmeat) Q3Master Q3Master is a standalone master server for Quak... DOWNLOAD
realrekord(freshmeat) Real Rekord Real Rekord allows users to record RealAudio st... DOWNLOAD
brawlball(freshmeat) Brawl Ball Brawl Ball is a game of football based on the r... DOWNLOAD
q_graph(freshmeat) Q-Graph Q-Graph is a collection of Q scripts that provi... DOWNLOAD
xmlproperties(freshmeat) XMLProperties XMLProperties is a utility class which stores a... DOWNLOAD
ccorpirc(freshmeat) ccorp-irc ccorp-irc is an ncurses-based IRC client. It ca... DOWNLOAD
ircrelay(freshmeat) IRCRelay IRCRelay is an IRC relay client based on Tkinte... DOWNLOAD
ezt(freshmeat) EZ-Ticket EZ-Ticket is a Web-based ticket tracking system... DOWNLOAD
kakasi(freshmeat) KAKASI KAKASI (Kanji Kana Simple Inverter) is a langua... DOWNLOAD
spokeculator(freshmeat) Spokeculator Evo3 Spokeculator Evo3 is a tool helping bicycle mec... DOWNLOAD
papercut(freshmeat) Papercut NNTP Server Papercut is a multi-threaded NNTP server writte... DOWNLOAD
henplus(freshmeat) HenPlus HenPlus is a SQL shell written in Java that wor... DOWNLOAD
discoverdbgui(freshmeat) DiscoverDBGui DiscoverDBGui is a Java Swing application that ... DOWNLOAD
ogojogi(freshmeat) JOGI JOGI is a Java interface for the OpenGroupware.... DOWNLOAD
xinetd(freshmeat) xinetd xinetd is a replacement for inetd, the internet... DOWNLOAD
contract(freshmeat) Contract Contract facilitates the handling of documents ... DOWNLOAD
cabfe(freshmeat) CabFE CabFE is a multi-emulator frontend for MAME, Da... DOWNLOAD
gentooforzaurus(freshmeat) Gentoo For Zaurus Gentoo For Zaurus is a port of the Gentoo Distr... DOWNLOAD
jmtf(freshmeat) JMTF JMTF is a Java application and a set of Java cl... DOWNLOAD
relativelayers(freshmeat) RelativeLayers RelativeLayers is a Javascript library for crea... DOWNLOAD
mypictures(freshmeat) My Pictures My Pictures is a photo gallery that uses EXIF t... DOWNLOAD
bitlabsxar(freshmeat) Xaraya Modules by Bit Laboratories This project is a set of activities by Bit Labo... DOWNLOAD
uniqueid(freshmeat) Unique ID Unique ID is a Perl CGI that calculates and rev... DOWNLOAD
pam_quota(freshmeat) pam_quota pam_quota is a simple PAM session module to aut... DOWNLOAD
quirc(freshmeat) QuIRC QuIRC is a stable and powerful IRC client. It f... DOWNLOAD
eemacs(freshmeat) eEmacs eEmacs is a minimal imitation of the famous Ema... DOWNLOAD
polygen(freshmeat) Polygen PolyGen is a program for generating random sent... DOWNLOAD
be4gle(freshmeat) Be4gle Be4gle is a Web services layer for MySQL that e... DOWNLOAD
omniweb2xbel(freshmeat) omniweb2xbel omniweb2xbel creates an XBEL-formatted file fro... DOWNLOAD
phptrackmeetreg(freshmeat) PHP Track Meet Registration PHP Track Meet Registration allows teams to reg... DOWNLOAD
libproclist(freshmeat) libproclist libproclist is a very simple and easy to use C ... DOWNLOAD
getlock(freshmeat) getlock getlock is a command-line lockfile utility that... DOWNLOAD
deduce(freshmeat) Deduce Deduce is an artificial intelligence program wh... DOWNLOAD
netweathermap(freshmeat) Network Weathermap Creator This project is a network weather map creator a... DOWNLOAD
_nmp_(freshmeat) NMP NMP is a music module player. It is able to pl... DOWNLOAD
glowcontrol(freshmeat) GlowControl GlowControl is a small application designed to ... DOWNLOAD
docsys(freshmeat) Eidetic Document Management System Eidetic Document Management System is a system ... DOWNLOAD
eidetic(freshmeat) Eidetic Eidetic is a middleware library for building da... DOWNLOAD
niliada(freshmeat) Niliada Niliada is a library of Lisp-like objects in Ad... DOWNLOAD
phpcodecabinet(freshmeat) phpCodeCabinet phpCodeCabinet allows developers to store code ... DOWNLOAD
susefaq(freshmeat) Unofficial SuSE FAQ The Unofficial SuSE FAQ is compiled from the Su... DOWNLOAD
newsadmin(freshmeat) Newsadmin Newsadmin is a simple news administration syste... DOWNLOAD
menu2wm(freshmeat) Menu2WM Menu2WM is an utility that converts an XML doc... DOWNLOAD
libtclsmf(freshmeat) libtclsmf libtclsmf is a library for writing and (in the ... DOWNLOAD
_fnord(freshmeat) fnord Fnord is a mathematical visualization system. I... DOWNLOAD
minibar-palm(freshmeat) Minibar Drink Guide Minibar is a bartending application for PalmOS.... DOWNLOAD
audioxmpcr(freshmeat) Audio::Xmpcr Audio::Xmpcr is a Perl API to the XM PCR Satell... DOWNLOAD
mojab(freshmeat) moJab moJab (mobile Jabber) is a lightweight Jabber c... DOWNLOAD
spacehulk(freshmeat) Space Hulk Space Hulk is a board game which takes place in... DOWNLOAD
nounit(freshmeat) NoUnit NoUnit measures Junit tests in a project using ... DOWNLOAD
spamtrack(freshmeat) Spammer Tracker Spammer tracker is a program which generates un... DOWNLOAD
synclastui(freshmeat) Synclast UI API The Synclast UI API is an extensible toolkit fo... DOWNLOAD
aimsleuth(freshmeat) Aim Sleuth AIM Sleuth tracks the users on a buddy list for... DOWNLOAD
wmalms(freshmeat) WMALMS wmalms monitors data obtained from a sensor chi... DOWNLOAD
grootevent(freshmeat) gRootEvent gRootEvent is a desktop manager for GNOME 2.x. ... DOWNLOAD
cutesite(freshmeat) CuteSITE CMS CuteSITE is an object oriented Web Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
msbackup(freshmeat) msbackup msbackup is a set of programs for reading Micro... DOWNLOAD
coinage(freshmeat) Coinage Coinage is a database for coin collecters. It c... DOWNLOAD
portbase(freshmeat) portbase Portbase is yet another portable base library f... DOWNLOAD
pxys(freshmeat) PXYS pxys is an efficient open proxy scanner softwar... DOWNLOAD
coreenterprisephpcepextendspea(freshmeat) CEP CEP is a framework for quickly developing modul... DOWNLOAD
scrumwiki(freshmeat) ScrumWiki ScrumWiki is a Wiki for Scrum. It features all ... DOWNLOAD
pwm(freshmeat) PWM PWM is a rather lightweight window manager that... DOWNLOAD
m2psd(freshmeat) m2psd m2psd is a fast MPEG-2 Program Stream demultipl... DOWNLOAD
auto-transcode(freshmeat) Auto-Transcode Auto-Transcode is a user-friendly GTK2 GUI for ... DOWNLOAD
livepenguin(freshmeat) Live Penguin Live Penguin is an instant messaging and chat c... DOWNLOAD
cgixx(freshmeat) cgixx The cgixx C++ CGI class library is intended as ... DOWNLOAD
tptlib(freshmeat) LibTPT TPT is a template scripting language implemente... DOWNLOAD
buildog(freshmeat) Build Log Build Log is a system for tracking the steps to... DOWNLOAD
kahakai(freshmeat) Kahakai Kahakai is a fork of the Waimea window manager,... DOWNLOAD
kodos(freshmeat) Kodos Kodos is a regular expression designer, tester,... DOWNLOAD
mtasker(freshmeat) MTasker MTasker is a two-file C++ library designed to s... DOWNLOAD
cflow2cflow(freshmeat) Cflow2Cflow cflow2cflow is a small utility to quickly manip... DOWNLOAD
atofont(freshmeat) ATOFont ATOFont is a small library that is used to draw... DOWNLOAD
httpmail-plugin(freshmeat) httpmail plugin httpmail plugin is a plugin for the Mac OS X Ma... DOWNLOAD
jail_cp(freshmeat) Jail Chroot Project Jail is a chrooted environment engine, designed... DOWNLOAD
saajoby(freshmeat) SAA-(SSPLab Audio Analyzer) SAA is a tool for analyzing audio signals in te... DOWNLOAD
js2mouse(freshmeat) js2mouse Js2mouse converts joystick events into mouse ev... DOWNLOAD
ideajad(freshmeat) IdeaJad IdeaJad is a free plugin that allows you to dec... DOWNLOAD
phpnewsreader(freshmeat) PhpNewsReader PhpNewsReader is a Web interface for reading an... DOWNLOAD
lakai(freshmeat) Lakai Lakai is a small set of tools (plus a link libr... DOWNLOAD
mcov(freshmeat) MCOV MCOV (Monte Carlo Option Valuer) uses a Monte C... DOWNLOAD
nnplaying(freshmeat) Noatun Now Playing Noatun Now Playing is a plugin for Noatun, whic... DOWNLOAD
sqlminus(freshmeat) sqlminus sqlminus is a configurable SQL client. It featu... DOWNLOAD
pineapple3(freshmeat) Pineapple 3 Pineapple 3 is a small 3D shooter game. The pla... DOWNLOAD
bscript(freshmeat) BScript BScript is a simple BASIC interpreter. It's por... DOWNLOAD
irate(freshmeat) iRATE radio iRATE radio provides users with a powerful new ... DOWNLOAD
mdyndns(freshmeat) mdyndns Mdyndns is a small client. It only s... DOWNLOAD
gtask(freshmeat) gTask gTask is a daemon and client library that allow... DOWNLOAD
perlprinterinfo(freshmeat) perlPrinterInfo perlPrinterInfo displays the most important inf... DOWNLOAD
id3panel_framework(freshmeat) ID3 Panel Framework ID3Panel.framework is a Cocoa panel framework t... DOWNLOAD
chainmail(freshmeat) Chainmail Milter Chainmail Milter is a Sendmail mail filter (mil... DOWNLOAD
gtk-chtheme(freshmeat) gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme is a tiny GUI application... DOWNLOAD
ivam(freshmeat) ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine ivam (ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine) is a te... DOWNLOAD
waproamd(freshmeat) waproamd waproamd is a Linux WLAN roaming daemon for IEE... DOWNLOAD
smtp2sms(freshmeat) SMTP2SMS SMTP2SMS is an SMS client for sending SMS to th... DOWNLOAD
darwine(freshmeat) Darwine The Darwine project is a port of WINE to Mac OS... DOWNLOAD

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