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nailgun(freshmeat) NailGun NailGun is a client, protocol, and server for r... DOWNLOAD
pymovie(freshmeat) PyMovie PyMovie is a program for organizing your movie ... DOWNLOAD
tclfserv(freshmeat) TCL File Server TCL File Server is an IRC File Server made in T... DOWNLOAD
hanggame(freshmeat) Hanggame Hanggame is a hangman game written using the Al... DOWNLOAD
nokiapacman(freshmeat) Nokia PacMan Nokia PacMan is a version of PacMan for mobile ... DOWNLOAD
libmsn(freshmeat) libmsn Libmsn is a reusable, fully documented library ... DOWNLOAD
chmox(freshmeat) Chmox Chmox is a viewer for Microsoft Help "CHM&... DOWNLOAD
mod_log_sql(freshmeat) mod_log_sql mod_log_sql (formerly known as mod_log_mysql) i... DOWNLOAD
delete_put_httpd_py(freshmeat) implements an HTTP proxy me... DOWNLOAD
sqlite-ruby(freshmeat) SQLite/Ruby SQLite/Ruby is a set of bindings to allow the S... DOWNLOAD
linuxheartmonitor(freshmeat) Linux Heart Monitor Linux Heart monitor is a collection of things t... DOWNLOAD
fceulauncher(freshmeat) FceuLauncher FceuLauncher is a frontend for the FCEUltra NES... DOWNLOAD
dsync(freshmeat) dsync dsync synchronizes the contents of two director... DOWNLOAD
somaplayer(freshmeat) somaplayer somaplayer is music player for MP3, Ogg, wav, a... DOWNLOAD
phplibxslt(freshmeat) php_libxslt php_libxslt is an alternative extension to the ... DOWNLOAD
gdm(freshmeat) Gnome Display Manager The Gnome Display Manager is a reimplementation... DOWNLOAD
kmassmail(freshmeat) KDE Mass Mailer KDE Mass Mailer allows you to send mass email m... DOWNLOAD
irssistats(freshmeat) irssistats irssistats generates HTML IRC stats based on ir... DOWNLOAD
webxmms(freshmeat) WebXMMS WebXMMS is a plugin for XMMS, which displays i... DOWNLOAD
ulog-acctd(freshmeat) Network-Accounting Daemon for Netfilter ulog-acctd is a userspace network accounting da... DOWNLOAD
ruby-net-ssh(freshmeat) Net::SSH for Ruby Net::SSH for Ruby is a pure-Ruby implementation... DOWNLOAD
php-chat-script-module-123-fla(freshmeat) 123 Flash Chat PHP Chat 123 Flash Chat PHP Chat is a script that adds a... DOWNLOAD
dragstack(freshmeat) DragStacK DragStacK is a kicker applet, a stack of files.... DOWNLOAD
kses(freshmeat) kses kses is an HTML/XHTML security filter that remo... DOWNLOAD
xdelimitarea(freshmeat) xdelimitarea xdelimitarea is an X Windows program that provi... DOWNLOAD
tetex(freshmeat) teTeX teTeX is the de facto standard TeX distribution... DOWNLOAD
twas(freshmeat) Tenacious WLAN Association Script Tenacious WLAN Association Script is an automa... DOWNLOAD
cryproc(freshmeat) Cryproc Cryproc is module for the Linux 2.6 kernel that... DOWNLOAD
bkmrk2dlcs(freshmeat) BookmarksToDelicious BookmarksToDelicious is a standalone client for... DOWNLOAD
xmlsql(freshmeat) XMLSQL XMLSQL is a Perl package that queries an SQL da... DOWNLOAD
tjukebox(freshmeat) Tjukebox Tjukebox is a console based client/server music... DOWNLOAD
netpanzer(freshmeat) netPanzer netPanzer is an online multiplayer tactical war... DOWNLOAD
pia(freshmeat) phpImageArchive phpImageArchive is powerful image archiving sof... DOWNLOAD
freetts(freshmeat) FreeTTS FreeTTS is a speech synthesis system written en... DOWNLOAD
filer(freshmeat) Filer Filer is a small file manager with a classic tw... DOWNLOAD
spook(freshmeat) Spook Spook is a live video distribution server inten... DOWNLOAD
ezmlm-idx(freshmeat) ezmlm-idx ezmlm-idx is an addition and patch to ezmlm, ad... DOWNLOAD
phpwebtickets(freshmeat) phpWebTickets phpWebTickets is a partial rewrite of phpSuppor... DOWNLOAD
gserve(freshmeat) G-Serve G-Serve is a file serving bot for people who w... DOWNLOAD
tracksail(freshmeat) Tracksail Tracksail is a simple game where the player g... DOWNLOAD
hirudo(freshmeat) hirudo Hirudo is a Java Swing application for leeching... DOWNLOAD
utils(freshmeat) utils utils is a set of tools for C++ programming. It... DOWNLOAD
myphpbib(freshmeat) MyPHPBib MyPHPBib is a Web application for managing bibl... DOWNLOAD
uisp(freshmeat) UISP UISP is a tool for AVR (and AT89S) microcontrol... DOWNLOAD
rcptchecks(freshmeat) Qmail RCPTchecks Qmail RCPTchecks is a Qmail module that impleme... DOWNLOAD
tribe(freshmeat) Tribe Tribe is a Java-based group communication libra... DOWNLOAD
openarm(freshmeat) OpenArm OpenArm is an implementation of the Open Group'... DOWNLOAD
ksalup(freshmeat) KSalup KSalup allows Linux users to receive and send p... DOWNLOAD
scratchbox(freshmeat) Scratchbox Scratchbox is a cross-compilation toolkit desig... DOWNLOAD
atrisframework(freshmeat) Atris Framework Atris Framework is a fully functional platform ... DOWNLOAD
p2p-radio(freshmeat) P2P-Radio P2P-Radio is a peer-to-peer audio (MP3) and vid... DOWNLOAD
slsnif(freshmeat) Serial line sniffer slsnif is a serial port logging utility. It lis... DOWNLOAD
bgchanger(freshmeat) BgChanger BgChanger is a simple set of scripts adding wal... DOWNLOAD
thinux(freshmeat) Thinux Thinux is a thin-client server on a live CD. It... DOWNLOAD
sanssouci(freshmeat) Sanssouci Sanssouci is a Java framework for auto-generati... DOWNLOAD
rg2xml(freshmeat) rg2xml rg2xml is a tool that interprets the files that... DOWNLOAD
animadead(freshmeat) Animadead Animadead is a skeletal animation library desig... DOWNLOAD
blosxom_php(freshmeat) Blosxom.PHP Blosxom.PHP is a port of Blosxom to PHP, a ligh... DOWNLOAD
linboxconverter(freshmeat) Linbox Converter Linbox-Converter converts MS Office documents t... DOWNLOAD
pxe-boot(freshmeat) pxe-boot pxe-boot is a PXE boot configuration of a Red H... DOWNLOAD
javathrottle(freshmeat) JavaThrottle JavaThrottle is a pipe bandwidth limiter with a... DOWNLOAD
libvisual-xmms(freshmeat) libvisual-xmms libvisual-xmms is an XMMS plugin for the libvis... DOWNLOAD
libvisual-bmp(freshmeat) libvisual Beep Media Player visualisation plugin This program is a Visualisation plugin for the ... DOWNLOAD
dumplinks_pl(freshmeat) is a script that dumps URLs (links... DOWNLOAD
pppmon(freshmeat) PPPMon PPPMon is an RP3 clone. It shows the activity i... DOWNLOAD
hpvm(freshmeat) Heterogeneous Parallel Virtual Machine HPVM (Heterogeneous Parallel Virtual Machine) i... DOWNLOAD
migbase64(freshmeat) MiG Base64 Codec MiGBase64 is a very fast and small Base64 codec... DOWNLOAD
htdiginterfacefromphp(freshmeat) PHP interface to ht://Dig This is a PHP class which interfaces with the h... DOWNLOAD
mp3check(freshmeat) mp3check mp3check is a script that checks directories of... DOWNLOAD
scrap(freshmeat) SCRAP SCRAP (Security Camera Recording APplication) i... DOWNLOAD
wwe(freshmeat) Web-based Web-site Editor WWE is a small perl CGI program written to allo... DOWNLOAD
gettext-lint(freshmeat) gettext lint tools The gettext lint tools are a collection of tool... DOWNLOAD
labe(freshmeat) LABE LABE, the LDAP Address Book Editor, is a Web ap... DOWNLOAD
dealersys(freshmeat) DealerSys DealerSys is a retail e-commerce system for bus... DOWNLOAD
cvebrowser(freshmeat) cvebrowser CVE browser is a Java Web search engine for the... DOWNLOAD
fileschanged(freshmeat) fileschanged fileschanged is a command line file alteration ... DOWNLOAD
wapreader(freshmeat) WapReader WapReader provides a WAP-based interface for re... DOWNLOAD
phpbeans(freshmeat) phpBeans phpBeans provides software and specifications f... DOWNLOAD
sundew(freshmeat) Sundew Sundew is an easily configurable script that ge... DOWNLOAD
xhopper(freshmeat) xhopper xhopper is a simple port forwarding tool that w... DOWNLOAD
gtab(freshmeat) g-tab g-tab is a tablature authoring tool trying to e... DOWNLOAD
lliaphon(freshmeat) LLiaPhon LLiaPhon is a text-to-speech application; it t... DOWNLOAD
passlogd(freshmeat) passlogd passlogd is a purpose-built sniffer for capturi... DOWNLOAD
ewrt(freshmeat) Ewrt Ewrt is a Linux distribution for the Linksys WR... DOWNLOAD
touchbase(freshmeat) touchbase touchbase is a modular plugin-style groupware f... DOWNLOAD
red-piranha(freshmeat) Red-Piranha Red-Piranha is a search system that can actuall... DOWNLOAD
motor(freshmeat) motor Motor is a text-mode integrated programming env... DOWNLOAD
pxsl(freshmeat) PXSL PXSL ("pixel") is a convenient shorth... DOWNLOAD
parsewiki(freshmeat) Parsewiki Parsewiki is a program that transform a text fi... DOWNLOAD
xdobry(freshmeat) Xdobry Xdobry is a form-generator for relational datab... DOWNLOAD
acpipower(freshmeat) E-AcpiPower The E-AcpiPower epplet is based on E-Power. It ... DOWNLOAD
xdccfetch(freshmeat) XDCC-Fetch XDCC-Fetch is a platform-independent tool for c... DOWNLOAD
phpmynewsletter(freshmeat) phpMyNewsLetter phpMyNewsLetter is a mailing list management sc... DOWNLOAD
qstars(freshmeat) QStars QStars is a Qt-based screen saver. It displays ... DOWNLOAD
mcb_languagesys(freshmeat) LanguageSys LanguageSys is meant to internationalize your a... DOWNLOAD
equator(freshmeat) WorldForge::Equator Equator is a world builder client and general p... DOWNLOAD
newsbruiser(freshmeat) NewsBruiser NewsBruiser is a simple but full-featured Weblo... DOWNLOAD
netustad(freshmeat) Network Ustadi Network Ustadi is a Web interface for managing ... DOWNLOAD
dcc(freshmeat) Debian Cluster Components Debian Cluster Components (DCC) is a toolset fo... DOWNLOAD
barrage(freshmeat) Barrage In Barrage, your goal is to destroy as many dum... DOWNLOAD

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