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jmind(freshmeat) JSupermind JSupermind is a clone of the Super Mind mobile ... DOWNLOAD
krss(freshmeat) K.R.S.S K.R.S.S. is a news aggregator for the KDE deskt... DOWNLOAD
gengetopt(freshmeat) GNU gengetopt GNU gengetopt takes a simple description of ar... DOWNLOAD
jabxpcom(freshmeat) JabXPCOM JabXPCOM is an XPCOM component which provides a... DOWNLOAD
cupyvei(freshmeat) cupyvei Cupyvei reads an input file (normally a pipe wr... DOWNLOAD
jpg2html(freshmeat) jpg2html jpg2html is designed to generate quick thumbnai... DOWNLOAD
gringotts(freshmeat) Gringotts Gringotts is a small utility that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
clansphere(freshmeat) clansphere clansphere is an advanced Web CMS for clan and ... DOWNLOAD
ffl(freshmeat) Forth Foundation Library The Forth Foundation Library is a Forth library... DOWNLOAD
bindery2ldif(freshmeat) bindery2ldif bindery2ldif is a Perl script that uses the nwb... DOWNLOAD
webcheck_py(freshmeat) webcheck webcheck is a Web site checking tool for Web ma... DOWNLOAD
rl(freshmeat) Randomize Lines rl is a command-line tool that reads lines from... DOWNLOAD
h5utils(freshmeat) h5utils h5utils is a set of utilities for visualization... DOWNLOAD
emelfm2(freshmeat) emelFM2 emelFM2 is a file manager that implements the p... DOWNLOAD
mupen64plus(freshmeat) Mupen64Plus Mupen64Plus is a plugin-based N64 emulator for ... DOWNLOAD
snmp-info(freshmeat) SNMP::Info SNMP::Info gives an object oriented interface t... DOWNLOAD
fluks(freshmeat) fluks fluks (Free LUKS) is a disk encryption utility ... DOWNLOAD
mysqlworkbench(freshmeat) MySQL Workbench MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, graphical ... DOWNLOAD
tvim(freshmeat) tvim TVim is a GUI wrapper around GVIM's remote inte... DOWNLOAD
hlogoz-wp(freshmeat) HLogoZ-WP HLogoZ-WP is a WordPress plugin that automatica... DOWNLOAD
gengen(freshmeat) GNU Gengen Gengen (GENerator GENerator) is a tool that, st... DOWNLOAD
sumo-access-manager(freshmeat) SUMO Access Manager SUMO Access Manager is a security system for PH... DOWNLOAD
sbuttonz(freshmeat) S-ButtonZ S-ButtonZ is a plugin for the WordPress blog so... DOWNLOAD
jarexplorer-2(freshmeat) JarExplorer JarExplorer is a cross platform application for... DOWNLOAD
bulldoc(freshmeat) BullDoc BullDoc is a Web application for documentation ... DOWNLOAD
javatemplar(freshmeat) JavaTemplar JavaTemplar is a simple, elegant, and lightweig... DOWNLOAD
alltray(freshmeat) AllTray AllTray is a program you can use on UNIX and UN... DOWNLOAD
diggz-et(freshmeat) diggZ-Et diggZ-Et is a WordPress plugin for displaying D... DOWNLOAD
duplicati(freshmeat) Duplicati Duplicati is a backup system and an implementat... DOWNLOAD
maven-android-plugin(freshmeat) Maven Android Plugin Maven Android Plugin makes it easier to do Andr... DOWNLOAD
ductus(freshmeat) Ductus Ductus is a wiki system designed to handle arbi... DOWNLOAD
duo(freshmeat) Duo Duo is a free implementation of the Crazy Eight... DOWNLOAD
supercart(freshmeat) Supercart Supercart is a lightweight shopping cart system... DOWNLOAD
dov4l2(freshmeat) dov4l2 dov4l allows you to query and set the capabilit... DOWNLOAD
anti-inference-hub(freshmeat) Anti Inference Hub Anti Inference Hub is the first dynamic query p... DOWNLOAD
cvsd(freshmeat) cvsd cvsd is a wrapper program for CVS in pserver mo... DOWNLOAD
tietable(freshmeat) Tie::Table Tie::Table (formerly known as TableMap) is a li... DOWNLOAD
gps-library-installer(freshmeat) GPS Library Installer The gps_installer is a GTK+ application used to... DOWNLOAD
maildirsync(freshmeat) MaildirSync Maildirsync is a utility for Maildir synchroniz... DOWNLOAD
scloader(freshmeat) Smart Cache Loader Smart Cache Loader is a very configurable Web g... DOWNLOAD
mythryl(freshmeat) Mythryl Mythryl is a Linux-centric SML/NJ-derived scrip... DOWNLOAD
community-id(freshmeat) Community-ID Community-ID is an OpenID implementation which ... DOWNLOAD
tor-navigator(freshmeat) Ozirion Ozirion is an experimental Web browser allowing... DOWNLOAD
side4linux(freshmeat) side4linux side4linux is a simple IDE intended for source ... DOWNLOAD
libmtag(freshmeat) libmtag libmtag is a C music tagging library with simpl... DOWNLOAD
fastcpp(freshmeat) fastcpp FastCPP is an Apache module which implements a ... DOWNLOAD
backuper(freshmeat) Backuper Backuper is distributed and cloud-ready backup ... DOWNLOAD
fkchk(freshmeat) fkchk fkchk is a MySQL InnoDB/XtraDB foreign key chec... DOWNLOAD
fuzzy(freshmeat) Fuzzy sets for Ada Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing imple... DOWNLOAD
freebsdjdk(freshmeat) FreeBSD JDK This is the offical FreeBSD port of Sun's Java ... DOWNLOAD
nextls(freshmeat) Nextls Nextls is a console application that keeps trac... DOWNLOAD
cppserv(freshmeat) CPPSERV CPPSERV is a Web application server / servlet c... DOWNLOAD
capsule-tree(freshmeat) Capsule Tree Capsule Tree is a general purpose, self-balanci... DOWNLOAD
runt-cli(freshmeat) runt cli runt is a wrapper command that executes some ot... DOWNLOAD
qadsl(freshmeat) GNU Alive GNU Alive is a small utility to login on the Te... DOWNLOAD
nall(freshmeat) nall! Nall is a small status icon application that di... DOWNLOAD
scalaffinity(freshmeat) Scalaffinity Scalaffinity is a library providing core functi... DOWNLOAD
athomebills(freshmeat) AtHomeBills AtHomeBills allows you to use your Web browser ... DOWNLOAD
openmastermind(freshmeat) OpenMastermind OpenMastermind is a very easy to use and good l... DOWNLOAD
greenmail(freshmeat) GreenMail GreenMail is a suite of email servers for testi... DOWNLOAD
nanoblogger(freshmeat) NanoBlogger NanoBlogger is a small Weblog engine written in... DOWNLOAD
xtcommerce-modified(freshmeat) xtcModified The aim of xt:Commerce modified is not to devel... DOWNLOAD
hbcxx(freshmeat) hbcxx hbcxx is a tool that uses the Unix #!/path/to/i... DOWNLOAD
perl-mp3cd(freshmeat) mp3cd mp3cd is a Perl script that normalizes and burn... DOWNLOAD
picard(freshmeat) Picard Picard is a MusicBrainz tagging application. It... DOWNLOAD
py-postgresql(freshmeat) py-postgresql py-postgresql is a set of Python modules provid... DOWNLOAD
clamav-unofficial-signatures-u(freshmeat) ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater is a scrip... DOWNLOAD
wmfsm(freshmeat) wmfsm Wmfsm monitors your filesystem usage. It featur... DOWNLOAD
depot(freshmeat) Depot Depot is a software management tool providing a... DOWNLOAD
voicemodemlib(freshmeat) Voice Modem Library The Voice Modem library for C++ is multithreade... DOWNLOAD
protoscope(freshmeat) Protoscope Protoscope is a utility that aids Web developer... DOWNLOAD
punto-10(freshmeat) Punto Punto is a tool for plotting particles. It read... DOWNLOAD
darkstar(freshmeat) DarkStar DarkStar is a simple HTML editor for the Sharp ... DOWNLOAD
destats(freshmeat) deStats deStats is a cool IRC logfile analysis tool tha... DOWNLOAD
metagroup(freshmeat) Metagroup Metagroup is a small Perl utility which adds hi... DOWNLOAD
arts(freshmeat) aRts aRts is a framework for developing modular mult... DOWNLOAD
gtk-directfb(freshmeat) GTK+-DirectFB GTK+-DirectFB is a backend for GDK, the drawing... DOWNLOAD
libsdbi(freshmeat) LibSDBI LibSDBI is a very simple SQL database interface... DOWNLOAD
tlogsim(freshmeat) tlogsim tlogsim is an extensible graphical logic circui... DOWNLOAD
sqlgui(freshmeat) SqlGui SqlGui is a graphical database frontend for KDE... DOWNLOAD
annie(freshmeat) annie annie is a C++ API (library) for neural network... DOWNLOAD
ziling(freshmeat) Ziling Ziling is a universal PHP Chinese encoding conv... DOWNLOAD
apa(freshmeat) Atomic Photo Album APA is a PHP/MySQL photo album with the ability... DOWNLOAD
thresher(freshmeat) Thresher .Net IRC Library Thresher is an almost complete implementation o... DOWNLOAD
wordlog(freshmeat) Wordlog Wordlog is a Weblog written in PHP and backed b... DOWNLOAD
outo(freshmeat) OUTO OUTO (Outo Unit Tester by Otso) is a simple uni... DOWNLOAD
db_querytool(freshmeat) DB_QueryTool DB_QueryTool is an object oriented abstraction... DOWNLOAD
gnude(freshmeat) GNU Development Environment The GNU Development Environment (GNUDE) is a co... DOWNLOAD
smcinit(freshmeat) SMCINIT SMCINIT is an IrDA configurator for laptops wit... DOWNLOAD
hotconnect(freshmeat) hotconnect hotconnect is a client/daemon to authenticate w... DOWNLOAD
obb(freshmeat) Open Beat Box Open Beat Box (OBB) is an open-source beat box. DOWNLOAD
ibtk(freshmeat) IBTK IBTK (Insomnia's Basic Took Kit) is a basic sel... DOWNLOAD
teg(freshmeat) TEG TEG is clone of 'Plan Tactico y Estrategico de ... DOWNLOAD
set(freshmeat) Set Set is a Java applet implementing the card game... DOWNLOAD
trux_motion(freshmeat) trux_motion trux_motion is a simple program for detecting m... DOWNLOAD
rtfconverter(freshmeat) rtf-converter rtf-converter is a command line RTF to HTML con... DOWNLOAD
pspa(freshmeat) Linux Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs These patches allow an administrator to delegat... DOWNLOAD
gpa(freshmeat) GPA The GNU Privacy Assistant is a graphical fronte... DOWNLOAD
pmta(freshmeat) pmta pmta is a simple mail transfer agent that clean... DOWNLOAD
gplwarppipe(freshmeat) WarpPipe WarpPipe is a proxy that makes it possible to p... DOWNLOAD

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