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googlehacks(freshmeat) Google Hacks Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully craf... DOWNLOAD
multiload(freshmeat) MultiLoad MultiLoad is a load balancer that redirects HTT... DOWNLOAD
xmms-pulse(freshmeat) xmms-pulse xmms-pulse is an XMMS output plugin for the Pul... DOWNLOAD
refdb-mode(freshmeat) refdb-mode refdb-mode is a minor mode for Emacs that imple... DOWNLOAD
codecover(freshmeat) CodeCover CodeCover is an extensible code coverage tool. ... DOWNLOAD
nanon(freshmeat) nanon Nanon is a Web page manager that is ideal for s... DOWNLOAD
netembryo(freshmeat) Netembryo Netembryo is a network abstraction library (ori... DOWNLOAD
pydzen(freshmeat) pydzen pydzen is a wrapper script around dzen to easil... DOWNLOAD
keyjnote(freshmeat) KeyJnote KeyJnote is a program that displays PDF present... DOWNLOAD
magicgarden(freshmeat) Magic Garden Magic Garden is an artificial plants laboratory... DOWNLOAD
ofc(freshmeat) Objective-C Foundation Classes The Objective-C Foundation Classes is an Object... DOWNLOAD
kbiff(freshmeat) KBiff KBiff is a KDE "biff" or new mail not... DOWNLOAD
yasl(freshmeat) Yet Another Swing Library Yet Another Swing Library (YASL) is a library f... DOWNLOAD
svngroup(freshmeat) SVNGroup svngroup is a collection of tools designed to f... DOWNLOAD
love(freshmeat) LOVE LOVE is a 2D game engine that enables easy cros... DOWNLOAD
slim(freshmeat) SLiM SLiM is a simple login manager for X11. It feat... DOWNLOAD
libsnmp(freshmeat) libsnmp libsnmp is a pure Python SNMP library. It is d... DOWNLOAD
asterisk(freshmeat) Asterisk Asterisk is a hybrid TDM and packet voice PBX (... DOWNLOAD
txfchat(freshmeat) Txf_Chat Txf_Chat is a Java chat program. DOWNLOAD
kbd(freshmeat) kbd The kbd package contains keytable files and key... DOWNLOAD
pyslice(freshmeat) Pyslice Pyslice provides utility functions for parametr... DOWNLOAD
vif(freshmeat) VIF VIF (virtual discussion forum) is a forum appli... DOWNLOAD
tobu(freshmeat) Tobu Tobu is a tag-oriented freeform information org... DOWNLOAD
siberia-10(freshmeat) Siberia Siberia is a calendar application that integrat... DOWNLOAD
bedrock-framework(freshmeat) Bedrock Framework Bedrock Framework is a Web framework designed a... DOWNLOAD
xmppony(freshmeat) xmppony xmppony is an XMPP library for Python. It's a f... DOWNLOAD
vnstatfrontend(freshmeat) vnStat PHP frontend vnStat PHP frontend is a Web frontend for the v... DOWNLOAD
angel-engine(freshmeat) Angel 2D Angel is a 2D game prototyping engine based on ... DOWNLOAD
ivysync(freshmeat) IvySync IvySync provides synced playback of multiple vi... DOWNLOAD
snd(freshmeat) Snd Snd is a sound editor modelled loosely after Em... DOWNLOAD
namistai(freshmeat) Namistai Namistai is an interface to access SMB shares v... DOWNLOAD
erlide(freshmeat) erlide erlide is a development environment for Erlang ... DOWNLOAD
jdrummer(freshmeat) JDrummer JDrummer is musical drum machine implemented as... DOWNLOAD
consh(freshmeat) Consh Consh is a set of programs that can turn one or... DOWNLOAD
qengine(freshmeat) QEngine QEngine is game engine that can be used to play... DOWNLOAD
audcovert(freshmeat) AudConvert AudConvert is an application that is designed t... DOWNLOAD
dbustl(freshmeat) DBusTL DBusTL is an easy do to use, extensible C++ bin... DOWNLOAD
fte(freshmeat) FTE FTE is a text editor for X-Windows and console ... DOWNLOAD
netplug(freshmeat) NetPlug NetPlug is an extensible multi-connections, mul... DOWNLOAD
w3mir(freshmeat) w3mir w3mir is an "all purpose" HTTP copyin... DOWNLOAD
checker(freshmeat) Checker Checker is a debugging tool suite which detects... DOWNLOAD
realtimeschedulertools(freshmeat) Real Time Scheduler Tools RTS Tools contains two programs, setpriority an... DOWNLOAD
x-bomber(freshmeat) X-bomber X-Bomber is a multiplayer game for Unix systems... DOWNLOAD
icbm3d(freshmeat) ICBM3D ICBM3D (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3... DOWNLOAD
xdm-externalgreet(freshmeat) XDM-External Greet XDM-External Greet is a patch to the stock XDM ... DOWNLOAD
ttcpforlinux(freshmeat) T/TCP for Linux T/TCP for Linux is a patch for linux 2.0.32 tha... DOWNLOAD
tplay(freshmeat) tplay tplay is a threaded and buffering audio player.... DOWNLOAD
ytree(freshmeat) Ytree ytree is a curses-based file manager which is s... DOWNLOAD
kbackup(freshmeat) KBackup KBACKUP is intended for handling of backups no ... DOWNLOAD
kpgsql(freshmeat) KPGsql KPGsql is a simple KDE postgres-frontend. You m... DOWNLOAD
dipdialupipprotocoldriver(freshmeat) DIP: Dialup IP Protocol Driver Dip handles the connections needed for dialup I... DOWNLOAD
linux-irda(freshmeat) The Linux-IrDA Project Linux/IR is a project with the goal of implemen... DOWNLOAD
ksnapshot(freshmeat) KSnapshot KSnapshot is a simple applet for taking screen... DOWNLOAD
skadns(freshmeat) skadns skadns is an asynchronous DNS client library. ... DOWNLOAD
g3vga(freshmeat) g3vga This is a G3 Fax viewer for the Linux console w... DOWNLOAD
signalgenerator(freshmeat) Signal Generator Signal Generator is a laboratory noise/sound ge... DOWNLOAD
netpipes(freshmeat) NetPipes The netpipes package makes TCP/IP streams usab... DOWNLOAD
duke(freshmeat) duke duke is a curses based frontend integrated into... DOWNLOAD
lk(freshmeat) LK LK is an implementation of the Lin-Kernighan he... DOWNLOAD
vstarblogengine(freshmeat) VStar Blog Engine VStarBlogEngine is a lightweight multi-user/sin... DOWNLOAD
frontdesk(freshmeat) Frontdesk GNA Frontdesk is a groupware application design... DOWNLOAD
linuxthreads(freshmeat) LinuxThreads LinuxThreads is a Linux library for multi-threa... DOWNLOAD
fonter(freshmeat) Fonter Fonter is a linux console font editor that was ... DOWNLOAD
req(freshmeat) Req Req is a tracking system. People with problems ... DOWNLOAD
snmpmonitorex(freshmeat) SNMP Monitor (Ex) SNMP Monitor is a Tcl extension for monitoring ... DOWNLOAD
libwayne(freshmeat) libwayne libwayne is a library of reasonably abstract da... DOWNLOAD
pam_smb(freshmeat) pam_smb pam_smb is a module which allows Linux users to... DOWNLOAD
rrlogind-sv(freshmeat) rrlogind-sv rrlogind-sv is a Time Warner RoadRunner cable m... DOWNLOAD
wm2(freshmeat) wm2 wm2 is a window manager for X. Using wm2, you c... DOWNLOAD
dialback(freshmeat) DialBack Dialback is a set of html pages and some bash s... DOWNLOAD
magiclight(freshmeat) MagicLight MagicLight is a 3D modeler, animation system, a... DOWNLOAD
prostat(freshmeat) Prostat Prostat produces Squid statistics in HTML format. DOWNLOAD
gmosaic(freshmeat) Gmosaic Gmosaic will create a gray scale mosaic of an i... DOWNLOAD
wavetools(freshmeat) WaveTools The WaveTools package contains 8 programs for e... DOWNLOAD
kshow(freshmeat) kshow kshow is a very comfortable image viewer for KD... DOWNLOAD
ccsh(freshmeat) ccsh ccsh is a scripting language that is intended t... DOWNLOAD
orbit7(freshmeat) orbit7 orbit7 is a program for your personal amusement... DOWNLOAD
gnupgminihowto(freshmeat) GnuPG MiniHOWTO The GnuPG MiniHOWTO explains to install, run, u... DOWNLOAD
ascd(freshmeat) AScd AScd is a CD player applet that can be docked w... DOWNLOAD
isdn4net(freshmeat) isdn4net isdn4net is a collection of scripts and configu... DOWNLOAD
isdnadmin(freshmeat) isdnadmin isdnadmin is a linuxconf module working as a fr... DOWNLOAD
kde2wm(freshmeat) kde2wm Many of us are using a "light" window... DOWNLOAD
gtkmozilla(freshmeat) GtkMozilla GtkMozilla is a widget that makes it easy to em... DOWNLOAD
leaky(freshmeat) Leaky Leaky can help you track down memory leaks and ... DOWNLOAD
mondriaan(freshmeat) Mondriaan Mondriaan produces a set of images that look a ... DOWNLOAD
lucifer(freshmeat) Lucifer Lucifer is a burn-in program suppoering Linux a... DOWNLOAD
weeder(freshmeat) Weeder Weeder is a utility which takes fingerprints (c... DOWNLOAD
rcs(freshmeat) RCS The Revision Control System (RCS) manages multi... DOWNLOAD
zune(freshmeat) Zune Zune is a free clone of the famous MUI (Magic U... DOWNLOAD
cgiexec(freshmeat) cgiexec cgiexec is a CGI program which allows execution... DOWNLOAD
gtkctrlaltdel(freshmeat) gtkctrlaltdel gtkctrlaltdel is a GUI frontend for pressing CT... DOWNLOAD
extern_link(freshmeat) Extern_Link Extern_link goes through a tree structure or a ... DOWNLOAD
webprojects(freshmeat) Web Projects web projects is a team working scheduler with a... DOWNLOAD
msgboard(freshmeat) msgboard msgboard is a very simple CGI message board wri... DOWNLOAD
pppkit(freshmeat) PPPKit pppkit is a Perl script that generates PPP scri... DOWNLOAD
adflib(freshmeat) ADFlib Adflib is a free, portable, open and documented... DOWNLOAD
tidy(freshmeat) tidy For a system administrator it is a bothersome j... DOWNLOAD
timetracker(freshmeat) TimeTracker TimeTracker puts up a list of projects, and the... DOWNLOAD
tkmult(freshmeat) TkMult TkMult is a generic frontend that can be config... DOWNLOAD
worldforge(freshmeat) WorldForge The WorldForge Project is developing a complete... DOWNLOAD

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