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LastUpdate: 2004-11-11 06:56


XAD is a Linux-PAM module which allows a system
administrator to control authentication in a very
fine-grained manner. This module is very easy to
configure, and allows access to be controlled on
the basis of many properties of the system or the
user who is trying to authenticate.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-11 13:28


Powerful yet small, keepalive is a script that
monitors vital applications and takes the
necessary actions to insure the high availability
of those core applications on your machines.
Utilizing a modular method for the monitoring
scripts, the level of complexity for those scripts
is entirely in the hands of the systems administrator.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-12 00:56


Ali is a simple-to-use C API to parse XML data. Its scanf-like
approach is much easier than using SAX or DOM. A tutorial,
complete reference documentation, and code examples are
all provided in the download.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-12 04:39


RadSpool is a daemon which sits between NAS and
RADACCT server and provides an automated spooling
service of accounting information should the
server fail to respond. It helps reduce the impact
of temporary failure of a single accounting

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-12 05:53


AutoSquidGuard is a script that allows you to create a standard squidGuard.conf file from a directory containing a source database filter. It is compatible with the tgz file format.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-13 14:12


MEEP takes a "versioned" disk to disk backup.
"Versioned" means that in each backup, unchanged
files are hardlinks to the previous backup
version, hence typically at least 90% space is
saved. Source directories can be anything accepted
by rsync, and the target must be a local
filesystem directory. The word MEEP is an
abbreviation of Mobile Enterprise Enabled
Professional backup, none of which MEEP is. For a more polished implementation of the same idea, see the rsnapshot project.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-15 06:17


Sashenka is yet another framework for building IRC clients and bots. It contains a J2EE Servlet Container for running IRCServlets, along with the necessary utilities and accessories to write bots following the J2EE Servlet model. Another aspect of Sashenka is the IRC framework which implementors may very easily incorporate into IRC clients or other bot engines of their own design.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-16 06:16

Batch Sync Report

Batch Sync Report (BSR) is a Perl script that
creates reports based on log files from the Siebel HandHeld synchronization process. It creates reports in HTML that contain full information about extraction status, from one or more servers. For each server, the report contains detailed information about each attempted user database extraction, the time that the extraction began and finished, and the "Concurrent Sessions" parameter from the .ini file. It has been tested only against Siebel version 7.

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