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Urulu is a content management system written in
PHP, JavaScript, and XSL. It can use MySQL or
PostgreSQL as a database backend. The extensive
use of AJAX techniques makes Urulu very flexible
for advanced users, while still able to provide
the content in classic HTML to search engines and
browsers without Javascript.

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LastUpdate: 2004-11-13 22:26


Klotski is a brick game where you try to bring the main piece to its destination by moving other pieces around. A brain-teaser.

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LastUpdate: 2008-05-04 08:08


The goal of the LifeType project is to create a
stable multi-user and multi-blogging platform to
strengthen the concept of communities around
blogs. It is equally suited for blog-hosting and
personal weblog installations.

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LastUpdate: 2010-11-22 21:51


Videograb is a simple deamon used to capture
images continuously from a video4linux device, and
save them in .ppm or .jpeg format.

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LastUpdate: 2011-05-02 13:18


3DMLW is a 3D engine that utilizes an XML based markup language. It is capable of running as a plugin in common Web browsers and supports .3ds, .obj, .an8 (Anim8or) models, .blend (Blender) data files, .tga, .jpg, and .png textures, and .ogg sound.

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LastUpdate: 2002-02-13 09:23


GUISearch provides a Web interface for browsing
and searching KDE application source code. Unlike
other similar tools, GUISearch actually tries to
understand the application GUI to provide better
browsing/search facilities. For example, it
understands the menu structure and corresponding
callbacks of menu items.

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LastUpdate: 2003-11-05 16:28


OZradio is a Linux GUI application that provides a CD
player, CD ripper, Ogg file player, playlist editor, and mixer, and supports video4linux radio cards if installed.
CD info, including track and artist information, is retrieved from freedb using HTTP and stored locally. The CD player, ripper, and Ogg file player display this CD/file information. The CD ripper will put the information into the Ogg files. Video4Linux compatable radio cards are supported if installed, with the ability to save up to 10
preset stations, volume control, a mute button,
automatic frequency scanning, on-demand recording
and replay of radio, and programmable recording.

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LastUpdate: 2003-06-07 22:06

Alexandria Archives

Alexandria Archives is designed to catalog your files and directories on CD, floppy disk, hard drive, Zip Disk, USB memory, etc. and search for them later.

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