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LastUpdate: 2005-10-29 17:25

Lisp Blosxom

Lisp Blosxom is a port of the Perl Blosxom
blogging engine to ANSI Common Lisp. Its goals are
extensibility and speed. It's a filesystem-based
blogging engine, which means that blog entries are
just flat files on disk, although plugins can be
written to extend or replace this behavior. The
first line in the file is the title, while the
remainder is the text of the body. Entry dates are
taken directly from the filesystem's modification
date for each entry. Furthermore, the structure of
the blog is taken directly from the hierarchy of
directories and files on disk.

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LastUpdate: 2012-06-15 22:28


Alfa is an experimental programming language. It combines the classic curly-bracket syntax similar to C and JavaScript with multi-clause functions with parameters passed by pattern matching. It is implemented as a translator to Scheme (using Gnu Guile).

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LastUpdate: 2004-03-29 15:40


URL-REWRITE is a small package which can be used to programmatically
rewrite (X)HTML documents so that certain attributes values are replaced
by others. It was written to rewrite URLs for cookieless session
handling, but can be put to other uses.

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LastUpdate: 2013-10-24 13:14


STMX is a high-performance Common Lisp library for composable Transactional Memory (TM), a concurrency control mechanism aimed at making concurrent programming easier to write and understand. Instead of traditional lock-based programming, one programs with atomic memory transactions: if a memory transaction returns normally it is committed. If it signals an error, it is rolled back. Transactions can safely run in parallel in different threads, are re-executed from the beginning in case of conflicts or if consistent reads cannot be guaranteed, and effects of a transaction are not visible from other threads until committed. This gives freedom from deadlocks, automatic rollback on failure, and aims to resolve the tension between granularity and concurrency.

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Natural Language: English
Operating System: MacOSX, Windows
Programming Language: Common Lisp, Lisp
User Interface: Toolkits/Libraries
LastUpdate: 2004-03-23 02:27


JSSindex is a simple search engine designed for
CDROM or Web-based document collections. The
documents to be indexed can be in HTML, PS, PDF,
and DjVu. The main feature is that the query
engine and the index are entirely contained in
Javascript/HTML file. Therefore, searching merely
requires a Javascript-enabled Web browser.

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LastUpdate: 2009-05-19 11:15


Funky is an embeddable functional programming language. It is stable, fast, and small. It includes all four dialects in a single DLL, which without optimization isless than 140 K. It can be embedded into an existing C++ application in minutes. The syntax is heavily borrowed from Lisp, because of its simplicity.

LastUpdate: 2003-10-22 06:07


CL-INTERPOL is a library for Common Lisp which modifies the reader so that you can have interpolation within strings, similar to Perl or Unix Shell scripts. It also provides various ways to insert arbitrary characters into literal strings even if your editor/IDE doesn't support them.

LastUpdate: 2003-06-10 16:37


Charlemagne is a versatile genetic programming application. It
includes a commandline client and an interactive console mode. It is
written in Python and Lisp, and is user extensible to some degree in
both languages. It features built-in input-output mapping support and
provides the ability to define complex fitness calculations in Lisp or

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LastUpdate: 2008-03-08 14:15


ssqlfs uses a defined file/directory structure to
generate an SQL database which corresponds to that
file/directory structure. Along with support for
one-to-many tables, ssqlfs includes support for
representing many-to-many tables. Ideally, the
filesystem would be interconvertible with an SQL
database, but at this point the functions for
generating a file/directory structure from the SQL
database remain to be thoroughly tested.

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LastUpdate: 2003-01-15 02:28


mod_lisp talks from Apache to Lisp processes by
sockets with a very straightforward protocol to
handle a request.

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LastUpdate: 2003-06-06 14:29


Nyquist is an elegant and powerful language for
sound synthesis and music composition. Unlike
score languages that tend to deal only with
events, or signal processing languages that tend
to deal only with signals and synthesis, it
handles both in a single integrated system. It is
also flexible and easy to use because it is based
on an interactive Lisp interpreter. You can design
instruments by combining functions (much as you
would using the orchestra languages of Music V,
cmusic, or Csound). You can call upon these
instruments and generate a sound just by typing a
simple expression. You can combine simple
expressions into complex ones to create a whole
composition. It runs under any Unix environment,
MacOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT, and it
produces sound files as output (or direct audio
output under Windows).

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LastUpdate: 2014-05-13 13:08

Link Grammar Parser

The Link Grammar Parser (link-grammar) is a syntactic parser of English, Russian, Arabic, and Persian (and other languages as well), based on link grammar, an original theory of English syntax. Given a sentence, the system assigns to it a syntactic structure, which consists of a set of labelled links connecting pairs of words. The parser also produces a "constituent" (Penn tree-bank style phrase tree) representation of a sentence (showing noun phrases, verb phrases, etc.). The RelEx extension provides dependency-parse output.

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LastUpdate: 2012-07-08 15:59

Sawfish Session Dialog

SSD (Sawfish Session Dialog) is a small and flexible wrapper for session commands. It is intended to be used with Sawfish, but does not require it. It can be configured to use any command for logout, reboot, shutdown, suspend, hibernate, and lock actions. Preset command definitions are available for: KDE4, GNOME2, XFCE4, MATE, and Razor-Qt. It is part of Sawfish-Extras (currently there's only SSD, but more is planned).

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LastUpdate: 2003-10-31 06:08

Common Lisp Jpeg Library

Common Lisp JPEG Library implements JPEG lossy image
compression/decompression routines in ANSI Common Lisp.

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LastUpdate: 2003-08-26 13:07


CL-GD is a library for Common Lisp which provides an interface to the GD Graphics Library for the dynamic creation of images. It is based on UFFI and should thus be portable to all CL implementations supported by UFFI.