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LastUpdate: 2004-07-25 08:38

Open Ski Jumping

Open Ski Jumping is a ski jumping simulation game for the console and/or X11. It contains fairly good graphics, and features like replays and hill records.

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LastUpdate: 2003-06-23 14:26


hp2xx is a versatile tool to convert vector-oriented graphics data given in Hewlett-Packard's HP-GL (a.k.a. HPGL) plotter language into a variety of popular both vector- and raster-oriented graphics formats. The various supported output formats include Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), PCX, IMG, and several formats intended to facilitate the generation of graphics within TeX documents. In addition, hp2xx output is printable on the HP Laserjet/Deskjet printer series, and it may be used as a HP-GL previewer on many platforms, e.g. X11 and DOS (VGA).

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LastUpdate: 2005-01-08 03:56

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller is a Java API
for controlling ANSI-compliant terminals and
terminal emulators such a Linux virtual terminals,
xterm, Gnome Terminal, and KDE Konsole. The
library can be used to display character styles
and colors and graphical characters in those
environments. It is a repackaging of various
JChassis modules into a standalone library that
does not require the JChassis SDK or framework.

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LastUpdate: 2007-01-21 06:11


DispDump is a utility that gives you remote control
of a PC running MS-DOS. The screen image
(currently text mode only) is taken from the
graphics card and transferred to another computer
via a serial link and displayed there using any serial
link terminal emulation software.

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LastUpdate: 2011-04-06 10:59

Portable Application Code Toolkit

PACT is a self-contained set of tools which support
developing and using portable programs, particularly
scientific and engineering applications. By defining a single,
higher level, standard programming interface, it shields
application developers from the plethora of different
hardware architectures and operating systems and their
non-standard features.

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LastUpdate: 2001-08-14 19:06


wadext2 extracts all the lumps of a wad to
separate files. It does not perform any conversion
on the contents of the lumps; it just dumps them
byte for byte. wadext2 does with wad files what
tar -x does with tar archives.

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