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LastUpdate: 2001-08-16 18:11

Remote Methode Call

Remote Methode Call is a project to enable calls to methods in remote C++ classes. The transport is implemented as a library, and is free from dealing with the internal RMC stuff, so any C/C++ programmer is able to write a transport for his own purpose. RMC(2) currently has a sockets transport library as reference implementation. It is developed on Linux, and supports Linux on iX86 and PPC. RMC should also work on BeOS. Testers and developers are welcome to the project.

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LastUpdate: 2005-09-13 04:19


Autodl2 is a simple to manage and extensible file
transfer system that can be configured simply
using a configuration file. The system is designed
to be lightweight and handle multiple file
transfer protocols. Currently only SFTP is
supported, though other systems can be added via a
plugin system.

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LastUpdate: 2008-04-13 17:08


BumpRace is a simple 1 or 2 player game where players choose among four vehicles and race through a multi-level maze. The players must acquire bonuses and avoid traps and enemy fire in a race against the clock.

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LastUpdate: 2010-08-15 05:40


Ved (visual editor) is a small and very fast screen-oriented text editor that implements a user interface somewhere between vi and Emacs. It is powerful and easy to learn, and has no limitations on line length, file size, or the types of characters that may appear in a file. It is a highly portable editor for Unix and most other OSes.

LastUpdate: 2001-10-04 13:23

Open Simp-X

Open Simp-X is a powerful Internet platform for everyone, attempting to change
programming for the Internet with sharing database information. It strives for
scalablility, reliability, and ease of use. The platform consists of a
client/server pair. Security is a top priority, and data transfers are
encrypted. Open Simp-X achieves scalability through plugins. Plugins can
collect information, manipulate it, and send it back to the database. Writing
plugins is easy since they do not have to worry about how to send or receive
their information, and can focus on manipulating it. Open Simp-X can be set up
to retreive data through a LAN or through a Web server.

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LastUpdate: 2003-05-15 08:58


Audiality is a highly scalable and portable audio engine and
synthesizer. MIDI files are used in combination with scripting and
modular synthesis, to minimize file sizes and maximize flexibility.
Audiality can be used as a music and sound effects player in
multimedia productions, or as a realtime MIDI synthesizer.

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LastUpdate: 2010-11-24 14:10


Toka is a portable dialect of Forth. It has been designed to be used on modern Unix-like OSes, and provides numerous libraries that map in functionality from various common libraries. The language can easily be extended using modules written in C.

LastUpdate: 2004-05-09 00:49


SIDPlayer is a replayer program for C64 music (SID tunes), running under BeOS and Unix. You can think of it as being a stripped-down C64 emulator that only emulates the CPU and the sound chip of the C64. SIDPlayer can be used as a stand-alone player or, under BeOS, as a plug-in for CL-Amp and SoundPlay.

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LastUpdate: 2009-07-17 11:20

High Performance Linpack

HPL is a software package that solves a (random)
dense linear system in double precision (64-bit)
arithmetic on distributed-memory computers. It
can thus be regarded as a portable implementation
of the High Performance Computing Linpack Benchmark.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-25 04:07


SimCoupe emulates the SAM Coupé, a British
Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles
Gordon Technology.

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LastUpdate: 2007-08-30 10:30

Secure Malloc

Secure Malloc is a C library for secure memory
allocations. When dealing with cryptography, it is
important to be able to store keys in secure
memory. This library provides functions that can
be used in place of the traditional malloc(),
realloc(), and free(), but locks the memory into
RAM so it cannot be swapped out to disk.

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LastUpdate: 2001-04-25 12:38


aview is an high quality image(pnm) browser and animation(fli/flc) player which
renders its output as ASCII-art. It is implemented using AA-lib.

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LastUpdate: 2010-09-04 17:46

FXL Template

FXL Template an easy to use template engine
offering all the basic features of a template
system. It supports simple text/array assignments,
blocks, and nested blocks. Well-used regular
expressions and the simple template syntax are
responsible for quick template processing. The
template markup is quite easy to learn, even for
those not into programming. A Memcache extension
for high traffic pages is freely available.

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LastUpdate: 2003-01-05 17:28


Rexx/Wrapper enables Rexx programs to be wrapped
within a native executable program. The source is
optionally encrypted and compressed, but can be
recovered if the key that was used to wrap the
original program is known. Rexx/Wrapper is not a
Rexx compiler.

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Development Status: 1 - Planning, 2 - Pre-Alpha
Target Users: Developers
Natural Language: Japanese
Operating System: BeOS
Programming Language: C++
User Interface: Other Environment
Register Date: 2004-11-08 15:55