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LastUpdate: 2004-06-11 00:37

Temerity Web Tools

Temerity Web Tools is a Perl program to help users
maintain their own accounts, without requiring an
understanding of standard system administration

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LastUpdate: 2005-11-13 17:44

Nagios Automated Configuration Engine

NACE is a generic query engine used to
automatically create host and service definitions
for hosts on the network. It is intended to be
used in a shell script at regular intervals by an
experienced Nagios administrator to perform a
query against the supplied host list. It then
creates host and service definitions using the
parameters supplied in the query.

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:12


Barrendero is a program designed to keep free space in the mail spool directory by deleting messages older than a certain age from the mail files. It can warn users of the pending deletion ahead of time, as well as provide a report of the deleted messages.

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LastUpdate: 2005-11-03 10:26


pygtk-fsacls provides a graphical interface for
managing the file system Access Control Lists (or
ACLs) that provide fine-grained control over
access to file system objects.

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LastUpdate: 2000-08-24 20:18

Mount User (muser)

muser lists processes which have a given directory (or cwd if not specified) as a parent of their current working directory (thus making it impossible to unmount that directory if it is a mount point). This script has overlapping functionality with the fuser program from the psmisc package, but has the advantage that it works on SMB mounts. Additionally, it provides a color, formatted listing of process IDs, executable names, current working directories, and the command lines used to run the programs. It works with varying-sized /proc/*/cwd fields.

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LastUpdate: 2012-02-04 16:20


sud (superuser daemon) permits a user to switch to
root privileges and to use a suid program in a
nosuid environment. It is based on a client/server
model and on the ability to pass file descriptors
between processes. sud permits you to choose your
authentication method, and your effective
credentials will be checked by using a Unix domain

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:13

Site Size

Site Size is a simple Perl script which calculates the amount of space used on a Web or FTP site.

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:13


Python Colorized Tail is a script that tails and colorizes syslog output from multiple files.

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:12 runs through all of the files and
directories that it is given as arguments and
determines the permissions. It then sends a list
of "dangerous" files to stdout which can be
redirected to a file. This program should be run
as a regular user to check for writeable
directories, suid, guid, and writeable files.
Helps admins sniff out files that have incorrect

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LastUpdate: 2004-03-09 15:02

solaris-friendly pam_cracklib

solaris-friendly pam_cracklib is a
reimplementation of pam_cracklib that builds and
runs on Solaris as well as Linux. It is a PAM
module for checking passwords with cracklib.

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:12

command history

command history is a quick and dirty script created to show what commands were executed on the day command history is run. Its purpose is to help sysadmins conveniently keep a watchful eye over their users to make sure they aren't snooping around too much, and is best run from crontab to produce mail output each day.

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LastUpdate: 2003-04-08 05:44


nfstimesync is a tool for synchronizing the time of an NFS server and client without root rights. It was developed to allow the "make" program work correctly with NFS. It was tested on Linux (i386, alpha, sparc), Solaris (sparc), and FreeBSD. It should be easily portable to any Unix with LD_PRELOAD enabled.

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