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Poldi is a PAM module that implements
authentication through the OpenPGP smart card. It
uses the smart card daemon from the GnuPG project
for smart card access.

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geoipgen is an IP network tool for generating geotargeted lists of IP addresses using MaxMind's GeoLite Country database. It can randomly enumerate all IP addresses or a specified number of IP addresses in a particular country or a list of countries. For example, to get all IPs for Japan in a random order, use "geoipgen jp". For a sample of 10,000 IPs from Australia and New Zealand, use "geoipgen -n 10000 au nz".

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fakebust is a program that assists with the rapid
assessment and supervised execution of potentially
malicious programs such as exploits or utilities of
unknown origin, programs recovered during OS
forensics, or acquired from a honeypot.

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Quest OpenSSH

Quest OpenSSH is a version of OpenSSH modified and packaged to provide default single sign-on capability for customers using Quest's Vintela Authentication Service (VAS) and/or Vintela Management eXtensions (VMX) products. Quest's version of OpenSSH defaults to authenticating users and hosts with GSSAPI. It works in conjunction with VAS, to allow secure shell single sign-on to Unix hosts joined to Active Directory domains.

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