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LastUpdate: 2007-02-07 23:05

MIT/GNU Scheme

MIT/GNU Scheme is an implementation of the Scheme programming language, providing an interpreter, compiler, source-code debugger, integrated Emacs-like editor, and a large runtime library. MIT/GNU Scheme is best suited to programming large applications with a rapid development cycle. Recent versions of the system are supported on the following platforms: GNU/Linux, *BSD, OS/2, and Windows.

LastUpdate: 2004-04-05 13:46


prc-eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that provides support for the GNU-based PalmOS development tools, prc-tools. It provides two useful features: The first is to allow the use of the Eclipse graphical debugger interface instead of the textual gdb interface. The second is (searchable) access to PalmSource's extensive online help through Eclipse's built-in help system. These combine with the C/C++ Development Tools to make a powerful development environment.

LastUpdate: 2002-09-19 20:18

Linux Trace Toolkit

The Linux Trace Toolkit catalogs system events in minute detail, and allows a user to determine exactly what is transpiring on his system, down to the microsecond.

LastUpdate: 2007-02-05 00:09

Cameleon for OCaml

Cameleon is an integrated development environment for Objective Caml and eventually other languages. Its features include a graphical user interface, configuration management based on CVS, easy access to and browsing of documentation, various editors, customizable file types, a plug-in architecture, and a highly customizable interface.

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LastUpdate: 2012-06-09 19:15

Python Call Graph

pycallgraph is a Python library that creates call
graphs for Python programs.

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LastUpdate: 2009-11-24 13:26


Alleyoop is a GNOME frontend to the Valgrind memory checker. Its features include a right-click context menu to intelligently suppress errors or launch an editor on the source file, jumping to the exact line of the error condition. A searchbar at the top of the viewer can be used to limit the viewable errors to those that match the regex criteria entered. A fully functional Suppressions editor is also included.

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LastUpdate: 2013-09-12 07:39


Aseba is an event-based architecture for distributed control of mobile robots. It targets integrated multi-processor robots or groups of single-processor units, real or simulated. The core of aseba is a lightweight virtual machine tiny enough to run even on microcontrollers. Robots are programmed in a user-friendly scripting language using a cozy integrated development environment.

LastUpdate: 2003-12-10 07:21


Log4php is a PHP port of Log4j, the most popular Java logging framework.
It supports configuration through XML and properties files (with the same structure as log4j) and custom Configurators.
File, RollingFile, DailyFile, Echo, Console, Mail,
PEAR::Db, PHP error, Syslog or NT events, and
socket appenders are supported. Simple, TTCC,
Pattern, Html, and Xml Layouts are supported.
It also supports Filters, custom Levels, and Loggers.
Internal debugging can be switched on and off.
Log4php can be used inside a class or inside a
main/sub function.

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LastUpdate: 2003-11-22 21:18

JDBC SQL Profiler

This small tool connects to the P6Spy JDBC logger
and displays in real time the queries going to the
database. It uses an integrated SQL parser to
build statistics on the most accessed tables and
columns to enable database index creation. Other
information is also gathered and displayed, such
as the request time for a single request, for a
class of request, and for all the requests.
Sorting may be done on these views to detect
database problems efficiently.

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LastUpdate: 2002-08-30 04:15

PHP Error Handler

Error Handler provides a custom interface to error
handling in PHP. Several report formats can be
used to reveal what circumstances led to a certain
error. One for logging, one for display, and one
for redirection. It captures the errors and
captures (to a customized level) the context and
variables surrounding the source of the error and
neatly organizes them as a series of reports.

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LastUpdate: 2008-04-28 06:45

Roadsend PHP

Roadsend PHP produces optimized stand alone applications, libraries, and Web applications from standard PHP source code. The compiler produces native machine code, not PHP byte code, so no interpreter is required. It is a new implementation of the PHP language and runtime environment compatible with Zend PHP. It does not share any code with the original PHP implementation.

LastUpdate: 2004-01-26 10:08


DIOTA is a just-in-time instrumentation tool for Intel binaries. It allows you to create a dynamic loadable library that can be attached to a program running under Linux. DIOTA can instrument all memory operations in the application and the used libraries (e.g., for checking for faulty memory accesses), calls of dynamically linked procedures (malloc, printf, etc.), detect the code executed during a particular run, and more.

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LastUpdate: 2006-05-29 13:27


avrmon-stk200 is a port of Denis Chertykov's Linux debug monitor system for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It is compatible with the connection scheme used in Atmels "STK200 Starter Kit", as opposed to the original version that used the "DAPA" (Alex's Direct Avr Parallel Access) scheme. In short, the monitor system allows you to do in-systems source-level debugging on AVR microcontrollers with gdb (avr-gdb).

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LastUpdate: 2014-03-23 14:29


validator.php is a script that can be placed in
Web pages that are generated with PHP to validate
the SGML code without checking the page for
conformity. If the code is correct, a W3C icon
will appear in the page.

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LastUpdate: 2011-06-01 22:37

Minimalist PSPSDK

BSD PSPSDK (のネイティブWin32環境への移植版です。Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) 用のホームブリューをクロスコンパイルしてビルドするために、ライブラリとヘッダーファイル(DevPaks)をインポートし、自由に配布できます。