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Gnasher alleviates developers from having to execute maven builds with the "-o" option (offline) to avoid accessing external repositories' metadata files.
The SHA1 hash files and the missing pom metadata files for dependencies are created if they are missing. The next time the build is run, external repositories are not accessed and the build runs faster.

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LastUpdate: 2006-07-23 16:47

Simple Log

Simple Log is a small library that does logging very simply and requires you to do almost nothing (other than actually logging) to get log output to happen. It is much simpler to use than a logging framework, especially in terms of configuration. It doesn't attempt to solve every logging problem in one package, but contains enough features to be a viable alternative for most applications that need logging. This tool will handle the logging needs of most small- to large-sized projects, but with an almost non-existent learning curve.

LastUpdate: 2007-10-18 08:12


The Maven-Grester plugin is a Maven2 plugin for
Jester, the JUnit tester tool. It enables Jester to be executed at any valid Maven lifecycle phase in a Maven Project. It saves developers from constructing cumbersome Java classpath entries on the
commandline every time they need Jester to run against JUnit Tests in the project. It can also help
to dispense with a suite of scripts that may have
been written to handle complex Java classpath executions for Maven projects.

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LastUpdate: 2003-04-23 01:05

Project Assistant

The Project Assistant (prass) is a Web tool designed for use in the software change management process. It provides a Web interface for feature/support/change and bug requests support for projects that are separated from each other. Each project has its own list of developers (with different roles and permissions). The developer can perform operations depending on his permissions and role in the project.

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LastUpdate: 2002-03-05 12:38


XPTest for Together provides two patterns and a module to allow the fast development of test cases. The TestCase pattern creates a class which has to be customized to contain test methods for a given class containing business methods. Using the TestPackage pattern, a class collecting all TestCases recursively can be created. The execution module allows one to start a Swing or AWT GUI to test single classes or packages in any granularity. It depends on JUnit by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma, and is designed to significantly speed up the development of Extreme Programming-inspired tests within the Together UML modeling tool and wanna-be-IDE. Since version 5.5, XPTest is also part of the Together distribution.

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:14


Toaster is a software testing tool for C/C++ programs on Linux/x86. It's based on a modified version of gdb. It analyzes programs compiled with EGCS 1.1.2 and allows you to perform various tests on all the functions, including unit tests, integration tests, and others.

LastUpdate: 2002-04-08 05:30

Java JVMDI Coverage Analyzer

The Java JVMDI Coverage Analyzer is a shared library which, when
loaded into a Java VM, reports on which lines of code have been
executed during a test run.

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LastUpdate: 2003-01-02 03:51

Anthill Bug Manager

The Anthill Bug Manager is a tool that aids
code development by keeping track of bugs in
a medium-sized coding environment. It
accomplishes this with a clean, simple, and fast
interface that contains the essential features,
but avoids the complexity associated with
similar tools. It is written in Perl, requires an
SQL database as a backend, and is Web
server independent.

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LastUpdate: 2007-04-02 09:52


yagg, given YACC-like and LEX-like input files,
generates a C++ program that generates all strings
of a user-specified length. This program can then
be used to generate inputs for testing, or to
validate that a grammar accepts the strings that
you think it does. The grammar file provides the
grammar productions for string generation, along
with optional action blocks that can perform
context-sensitive checks in order to limit the
generated strings. The LEX-like terminal generator
file provides specifications that instruct the
program how to generate strings for terminals in
the grammar.

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LastUpdate: 2009-01-10 01:26


LogDistiller is a log files merge and sort tool.
It reads log files, parses them into structured
log events with attributes, then classifies them
according to rules configured in an XML file.
Classification results go into reports, which are
published according to the rule configuration:
simply stored in a file, sent by mail, or even
added in a news feed. Some log parsers are
included for syslog, Weblogic, simple line logs,
Oracle alerts, and others. Log file parsing is
designed to be easy to extend.

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