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LastUpdate: 2009-11-27 01:24

Network Traffic Generator

Network Traffic Generator is used to check what
massive amounts of traffic of certain types will do
to an intervening network. It does not try to
measure throughput or response times.

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LastUpdate: 2010-08-22 08:49


0release is a program to generate source and binary releases automatically. With minimal configuration, 0release will generate a source tarball release candidate, build it to create a binary archive, upload them to your Web server, check the uploads, and tag the release in GIT and update the version number. It can run unit-tests and custom actions, such as building documentation, etc. For Zero Install users, it can also upload a signed XML metadata file about the release, allowing these users to upgrade automatically. Releases are signed with your GPG key.

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LastUpdate: 2004-12-26 23:16

Software Engineering Environment

Software Engineering Environment (SEE) provides an information manufacturing platform for software development. It makes information sharing very convenient by allowing all information to be customized dynamically and letting users modify or add their own information structures at any time. It provides various predefined selections for information attributes that correspond to information manufacturing patterns. Although designed for software development, it could be used for managing any information, including book registries, personnel lists, and financial reports.

LastUpdate: 2004-02-13 16:41


Anthill is a bug tracking database system written in PHP. It provides the standard bug tracking features such as: user logins, summary reports, submitting bugs, querying bugs, various severity and status levels. It also provides some unique features, such as a template system, and multi-lingual support.

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LastUpdate: 2004-10-24 16:06


mangleme is an automated broken HTML generator and
browser tester, originally used to find dozens of
security and reliability problems in all major Web
browsers (Mozilla / Firefox / Netscape, Konqueror
/ Safari, MSIE, lynx, [e]links, w3m, elvis, etc),
as reported on BUGTRAQ.

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LastUpdate: 2002-09-08 19:46


The project is an attempt to build a
high quality library of general Java code. Both
the specifications and the code are tagged with a
quality label in order to provide releases with
different quality levels.

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LastUpdate: 2004-03-17 08:07

Anthill Build Manager

Anthill is a tool that ensures a controlled build process and promotes the sharing of knowledge within an organization. Anthill performs a checkout from the source repository of the latest version of a project before every build and tags the repository with a unique build number after every build. It supports many reposistory adapters including: CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Visual Source Safe, Perforce, PVCS, StarTeam, MKSIntegrity, and FileSystem. Anthill also automatically updates a project intranet site with artifacts from the latest build. Anthill is an extension to the Apache-Ant project and is compatible with version 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 of Ant.

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LastUpdate: 2014-11-20 21:21

EclEmma - Java Code Coverage for Eclipse

EclEmmaは、Eclipse用のフリーなJavaコードカバレッジ(網羅率)ツールです。Eclipse Public Licenseの下で入手可能です。内部的には、偉大なEMMA Javaコードカバレッジツールをベースにして、 EclipseワークベンチのためにEMMAの哲学を採用しています。

LastUpdate: 2003-07-04 00:32


SMATCH is a neat program designed to locate programming errors in any open source software project. Right now it is actively used to screen out errors inside the Linux kernel. There are two main parts to Smatch. The first is a patch to the gcc sources to screen out a lot of useful information. The second part is a collection of Perl scripts and libraries to analyze the information and report the findings.

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LastUpdate: 2011-12-25 21:02

Spike PHPCheckstyle

Spike PHPCheckStyle is a tool that helps PHP
programmers adhere to certain coding conventions.
The tool checks the code and reports coding
standard violations. It works on PHP 5.0 and newer.

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LastUpdate: 2003-02-06 06:15


SPIKE is an attempt to write an API that helps reverse engineer new, unknown network protocols. It features several working examples.

LastUpdate: 2011-05-30 13:12


Roundup is an issue-tracking system that is simple to use and simple to install. It has command-line, Web, and email interfaces. It manages a number of issues (with flexible properties such as "description", "priority", and so on) and provides the ability to submit new issues, find and edit existing issues, and discuss issues with other participants. The system facilitates communication among the participants by managing discussions and notifying interested parties when issues are edited.

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LastUpdate: 2011-10-22 10:14


FusionForge is a collaborative development environment that gathers in one single place several tools useful for development teams: communication tools (forums, mailing-lists, news, etc.); development tools (bug/patch trackers, project management, source control systems, etc.); and community tools (file releases, software categorization, Web site hosting, etc.). It is the continuation of the free software version of GForge, based on the codebase that was maintained in parallel to the proprietary GForge AS version.

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LastUpdate: 2010-06-16 14:07


CodingTeam is a software forge that is lightweight and extensible. It provides a lot of collaborative tools. With this software forge, projects can benefit from basic features (such as screenshots, downloads, uploads, and news), communication features (such as chatrooms, forums, the OpenForge API, and Jabber/XMPP integration), and development features (such as a VCS code browser, a bug tracker, SVG statistics, timeline, and roadmap). Also provided are community tools (project browsing, tag clouds, notepad, and user profiles).

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LastUpdate: 2004-02-01 08:02


EZ-Ticket is a Web-based ticket tracking system,
built with simplicity in mind. Unlike other ticket
systems, this ticket system has the same
functionality that other ticket systems have,
without all the complexity, making its use
efficient and effective.

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