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SRecord is a collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files. It understands a number of file formats including Motorola S-Record, Intel hex, Tektronix hex and binary, for both input and output. SRecord filters include cropping, filling, splitting, joining, and more. All filters may be applied to all file formats.

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BSD Router Project


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CPU tuner

android用のCPUチューナーです。Cpufreq をインタ フェースとオン/オフ サービスでバッテリを保存します。

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μEZは、オープンソースの組み込みミドルウェアプラットフォームであり、高い再利用性による複数のARMプラットフォームのためのアプリケーションコードのポータビリティといった基本的なリアルタイムOSとプロセッサの抽象的な機能を拡張し、提供します。Future Designs, Inc.

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uIP is probably the smallest implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack ever written in a high level language; the code footprint is on the order of a few kilobytes and RAM usage is on the order of a few hundred bytes. uIP is intended to be used in embedded systems running low end 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers.

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Tntnet is a Web application server for generating Web applications in C++. HTML pages with some additional tags for inclusion of C++ code are compiled into shared libraries and served from tntnet. It resembles PHP, JSP, or Mason, but the programming language used is C++, and the pages are compiled into native code before serving. Tntnet is fully multithreaded and supports HTTP keep-alive for best performance. Its dynamic pages are faster than static pages with other Web servers, while creating Web applications is simple.

LastUpdate: 2014-03-09 01:49


catnip is a tiny network packet mirroring tool. The server (source) is not based on libpcap and, when compiled and stripped, makes the binary smaller than 20kiB. This makes it very suitable for embedded environments where a libpcap-based tool, typically 100kiB for just libpcap and 500kiB for tcpdump, would be simply too large.

What makes catnip stand out from other small packet capturing tools is that it presents the remote systems interface as a local TUN/TAP interface, but additionally can apply a BPF filter at the remote end to send to you only the traffic you are interested in.

LastUpdate: 2003-11-19 11:01


PicoGUI aims to be a complete GUI environment for handheld computers and other
embedded systems. It uses a client/server model, like the X window system, but
while an X server is given raw drawing commands, the PicoGUI server integrates
a widget set, making PicoGUI clients small and efficient. PicoGUI also has the
goal of allowing client/server connections over a variety of mechanisms. It is
most commonly used with Linux, but is designed to be portable to any OS.
PicoGUI has a variety of video and input drivers which allow it to interface
with the Linux framebuffer device, SDL, the X window system, and several other

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NullLogic Embedded Scripting Language

Nesla is a complete object-based scripting language written in just a few thousand lines of ANSI C. It's portable, thread-safe, flexible, embeddable, expandable, and easy to understand (as a language and as an API). Nesla scripts can and often do look very much like JavaScript, but Nesla is Not an ECMA Scripting Language.

LastUpdate: 2004-04-05 13:46


prc-eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that provides support for the GNU-based PalmOS development tools, prc-tools. It provides two useful features: The first is to allow the use of the Eclipse graphical debugger interface instead of the textual gdb interface. The second is (searchable) access to PalmSource's extensive online help through Eclipse's built-in help system. These combine with the C/C++ Development Tools to make a powerful development environment.

LastUpdate: 2012-01-30 23:07

Milos RTOS

Milos is a modular, portable, real-time operating system for embedded systems running on small microprocessors like the ARM Cortex M3.

LastUpdate: 2007-01-01 07:23

PIC USB Framework

PUF (PIC USB Framework) is a USB application framework dedicated to Linux on the host side, and to the PIC 18F4550 family of microcontrollers on the device side. PUF includes: a bootloader that can flash the PIC application through the USB, a component library aiming to help user application building, a PIC demo and its corresponding application on the host side, and docker, the host-side flash programming utility. PUF also includes gputils and sdcc as cross-development tools, and odyssey as a parallel port PIC programmer.

LastUpdate: 2006-03-10 15:43


Matchbox provides a lightweight, flexible base user environment for X11
applications on non-desktop embedded platforms. It includes a PDA-style
"stacking" Window Manager, a panel and applets, a PDA "desktop"
launcher, and more.

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LastUpdate: 2003-08-13 10:36

Seminole Webserver

Seminole Webserver is a portable Web server designed to be used in embedded systems, where memory space is at a premium. It is written in C++, and has a mechanism to direct requests to application-specific code, complete with the decoding of "CGI" parameters. It also includes a "filesystem" that can package up Web content (and optionally compress it) and store it in a ROM or other "flat" device. It comes with a simple example to make it a standalone Webserver under POSIX platforms for evaluation and testing.

LastUpdate: 2011-09-13 12:19


OpenCAN is a software platform for interacting with various Controller Area Network (CAN or CANbus) devices. It provides an abstract C++ interface that can be used to control CAN devices. Support for specific devices can be written as plugins, and then loaded through a simple API call. Each component is cross-platform, enabling the efficient development of CAN software on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

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