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The XhtmlValidator is a PHP class that can be used to validate XHTML documents. It uses only the expat extension functions, which are always available in PHP, so it does not need other external XML processing extensions. The class parses the documents and checks whether the tags and attributes used by the documents are allowed within the XHTML standard. If validation errors are found, highlighted error messages and offending document line numbers will be returned.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 07:29


Secrypt is a PHP class to carry out two-way
encryption. It allows secure, customizable, and
understandable two way encryption for PHP. It
requires no non-standard PHP extensions.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-26 11:50

Pandora Publisher

Pandora is a simple Web document and application
platform written in Ruby. It aims to make it easy
for a team of people to quickly collaborate on the
network and develop custom document components and
extensions to meet their specific needs.

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LastUpdate: 2005-04-27 11:28


JukQuiz is a fun, addictive quiz game designed to
test the knowledge of your music collection.
Similar to the game on the iPod, JukQuiz will play
a random song (that is in Juk's collection) and
present you with a number of song title to guess
from. It gives you around ten seconds to try to
guess the song, disabling incorrect options as the
seconds go by.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-25 18:47

Micro Window-Gadgets Builder

UWGBuilder is a rapid application development
environment for the UWG toolkit. It largely acts
as a visual editor for designing XHPD-based
graphical user interfaces. It is still under
development, so not all of the project's
compile/run functionality is complete, and one or
two other things may be unstable. It ought to work
by and large, however.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 04:25

Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista is a patient recording system for
use in small sized health care instutions.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-26 17:34


hpaftpd is a high performance anonymous FTP server
(RFC 0959). It is designed to run without forks or
threads and with low memory usage, so it's
suitable for heavy network traffic with very many

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 04:19


Ruben provides Maven 2.x plugins for Ruby builds.
Functionality includes unit testing, syntax
checking, rails/gem packaging, and dependency

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-28 05:51


djmount is a UPnP AV client. It mounts the media content of compatible UPnP AV devices as a Linux filesystem (using FUSE). The audio and video content on the network is automatically discovered, and can be browsed as a standard directory tree. djmount should work with any UPnP AV compliant devices or software servers. Currently tested devices include TwonkyVision UPnP Music Server on Linux, GMediaServer on Linux, GeeXboX uShare on Linux, Ahead Nero MediaHome Server, and Microsoft Windows Media Connect.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 12:08


MyPixmania is an application that eases the use of
the Web site. This Web site allows
users to store picture albums, and sells the
ability to send printed versions of these
pictures. This application is easier to use than
the site's Web-based form, especially when
uploading a large number of pictures.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 09:11


SenseClusters is a natural language processing package that allows you to cluster similar contexts or to identify clusters of related words. It supports its own native methods based on first and second order representations of context, and also supports Latent Semantic Analysis. It is fully unsupervised, and can automatically discover the optimal number of clusters in your text. SenseClusters is a complete system that takes users from preprocessing of raw text to providing clustered output.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 11:57

boredz message boards

boredz is a minimal Web-based message board written in PHP for a
MySQL database. It requires login to post, has yay/nay independent
ratings of messages, read/rated/lastread markers for signed in users,
a default list, and optional thread view.

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LastUpdate: 2006-08-27 16:40


Quad-Pres stands for Quick and Dirty Presentation
and is a Perl and Web Meta Language based tool for
generating HTML presentations. It is standards
compliant (XHTML 1.0), and generates a real URL

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Android Gesture IME (shut-down)

Android Gesture Input Method Editor by hand-written character recognition.

Development Status: 7 - Inactive
Natural Language: Japanese
Operating System: Android
Programming Language: C, C++, Java
User Interface: Handheld/Mobile/PDA
Register Date: 2010-08-09 05:47
LastUpdate: 2006-04-09 04:14

SQL Generator


Development Status: 6 - Mature
Target Users: Developers
Natural Language: Japanese
Programming Language: Java
Topics: Code Generators
Register Date: 2005-09-19 20:51