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LastUpdate: 2007-05-22 10:28


FinkCommander is a GUI application for Fink.

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LastUpdate: 2007-05-22 21:57


libasyncns is a C library for executing name
service queries asynchronously. It is an
asynchronous wrapper around getaddrinfo(3) and
getnameinfo(3) from the libc.

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LastUpdate: 2007-05-25 14:12


G.O.SQL is a Web-based data management tool for Oracle. Currently, it supports 7 schema objects: table, view, index, sequence, function, procedure, and synonym. The project accepts input from user in the prescribed format and generates the required Oracle SQL statement code. It can also be used to help you learn the Oracle SQL language.

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LastUpdate: 2007-05-24 05:56


migratedata allows you to write a simple XML file
to define how to copy data from one database to
another, possibly performing very simple
transformations on the way. It is immediately able
to help you migrate a PostNuke Web site to a
WordPress one, and to perform any other
transformations you will need to create your own
XML spec file (which is reasonably simple).

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LastUpdate: 2007-05-23 19:06

RSS Ripper

RSS Ripper is a set of Python scripts that rewrites RSS feeds as required for better ease of use. After the rip and rewrite, the new RSS feed is uploaded to your FTP server for your own private re-subscription. It includes sample scripts for Digg and Linux Today.

LastUpdate: 2007-05-24 05:48

C# Java Virtual Machine

C# Java Virtual Machine is a tiny implementation
of the Java VM, including simple native classes.
It written using the C# language. The VM is very
easily expandable by writing additional native or
Java classes.

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LastUpdate: 2007-05-25 14:12


check_rhc is software to check the status of a RHES cluster installation via SNMP. To use this check, you must enable the cluster-snmp extensions in snmpd on the cluster node.

LastUpdate: 2007-05-24 23:57

BSNMP regex

bsnmp-regex is a module for bsnmpd that allows the
creation of SNMP counters from logs, program
output, or other text data. The resulting data can
then be queried or graphed with the usual SNMP tools.

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LastUpdate: 2007-05-25 14:11


Macfly is a tool allowing you to run one or more
programs with a shifted clock compared to the
system clock. The programs have the same shift and
are synchronized at the same time. You don't need
to recompile your application, and normal users
are allowed to use it. It's possible to change
clock speed (a faster/slower/reverse clock). Usage
examples: reduce game speed, send email in the
past/future, test a program, etc.

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