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LastUpdate: 2004-07-19 13:02


Robot World aims to be a distributed physical
environment inhabited by programmable robots,
spanning across countless computers on the
Internet in true peer-to-peer fashion.

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LastUpdate: 2004-07-18 08:34


UTF8Script provides an additional binary format
for Linux: scripts that start with a UTF-8
signature (aka BOM), i.e. with the byte sequence
\xef\xbb\xbf#!. This is particularly useful for
scripting languages that recognize the BOM, e.g.
Python. With Python 2.3 or newer, scripts with the
UTF-8 BOM are considered UTF-8 enocded without the
need for an addition encoding declaration.

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LastUpdate: 2004-06-20 18:38


Cellumat3D is a tool for simulating and
exploring cellular automata in 3D space. The
simulated universe is effectively unbound and
visualized using OpenGL. Currently, 2-state
automata similar to Conway's 2D "Game of
Life" with customizable rulesets are supported.

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LastUpdate: 2004-07-11 06:21


FXScintilla is an implementation of the Scintilla source code editing component for the FOX GUI toolkit.

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LastUpdate: 2004-09-02 08:31


ruvi is a fairly complete and stable Vim-like editor written pure Ruby. It is very easy to extend, and is well unit tested. It is developed with a short release cycle.

LastUpdate: 2004-08-27 00:01


Hunnypot is a SMTP server-like program that harvests information about machines on the Internet that are sending spam and/or worms. It stores its findings in a SQL database, which makes it trivial to start rejecting SMTP connections from these spammers.

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LastUpdate: 2004-06-21 01:36


mp3burn is a simple command-line tool for making audio CDs from MP3s, OGGs, and/or FLAGS without filling up your disk with .wav files.

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LastUpdate: 2004-06-30 07:13

Simple Event Correlator

SEC (Simple Event Correlator) is an event
correlator that can be used for network
management, logfile monitoring, security
management, and other tasks that involve event

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LastUpdate: 2004-06-22 17:47


GSpeakers is a multi-platform loudspeaker design program built with the Gtkmm 2.0 toolkit.

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