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dispstr macro command bug

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Today I installed Tera Term 4.67 and tried the new dispstr macro function. I believe there is a bug. I found that the connect command must return a result of 2 in order for dispstr to work. Even though a result of 1 from connect is enough to link the macro to a TeraTerm console, dispstr will not display the string.

For example, I do not have a COM5 on my system, so the following macro opens a TeraTerm console window but does *not* display the string 'hello' in the TeraTerm window:

connect '/C=5'
dispstr 'hello'

I do have a COM1 on my system, so the following macro produces the expected result:

connect '/C=1'
dispstr 'hello'

I believe a macro like this could be useful:

connect '/C=1'
if result == 1 then
  dispstr 'Error opening COM1'
elseif result == 2 then
  dispstr 'Successfully opened COM1'

I also believe that a dispstr command should link MACRO to a new TeraTerm window if one is not already linked, but that is more of a feature request.

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Currently, the dispstr command can not be executed while Tera Term does not connect to the host. This is not bug but specification. However, the macro document is further explanation, and I have updated the document.

cf. http://ttssh2.sourceforge.jp/manual/en/macro/command/dispstr.html

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