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Open Date: 2011-06-06 23:58

Last Update: 2011-08-01 07:29

Allow closing ttermpro when ttpmacro is closed

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I am launching ttpmacro from an application. At some point, if the test running on the device fails, it sends a WM_CLOSE message to ttpmacro to close it down. If ttpmacro has launched a session with ttermpro, ttermpro does not exit when ttpmacro is closed. It would be useful to either link the two so that if ttermpro is launched from ttpmacro, they both close when WM_CLOSE is sent, or provide a way to set a flag that says ttermpro should be closed when ttpmacro is closed.

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2011-06-06 23:58 Updated by: slide_o_mix

  • New Ticket "Allow closing ttermpro when ttpmacro is closed" created

2011-07-31 20:21 Updated by: yutakapon


Hi slide_o_mix,

Please use the closett macro command to archive your request. This command can close the Tera Term window.


2011-08-01 07:29 Updated by: slide_o_mix


This doesn't solve the problem that I am trying to solve. What I need is a way such that if ttpmacro is sent a close message from another application, I can either trap on that to use closett or link them together such that ttpmacro will send the close message to teraterm when it receives the close message.

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