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Terminal out of sync when wider than 80 columns

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Teraterm 4.69

Terminal goes out of sync when wider than 80 columns, requiring a reset. (Separate issue. Doing 'reset' from the console, resets terminal width to 80 chars, but a 'Reset Terminal' from the Control menu does not do this)

Steps to reproduce: * SSH to Linux machine using bash console. * Resize window to wider than 80 columns. * Run a command e.g. 'ls' * redo the command using 'CTRL-R ls' * You may notice a 'Bell' chime * The terminal is now out-of-sync

Example: type 'example' on the bash prompt, then press BACKSPACE a few times.
You should see: $ example $ exampl $ examp $ exam
But behavior is: $ example $ exampl e $ examp l e $ exam p l e

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Confirmed this is not specific to window width, I've reproduced at 80 colums as well. Various factors such as the length of the command prompt play a role in reproducing this. It does not always trigger.

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