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Displayed data corrupted - logged data intact

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teraterm 4.70 When connected to a serial port, logging the receiving data, after 20 minutes or so data appears to be corrupted. Logged Data in the logfile is intact. With Hyperterm, i have no problem receiving the same data. This happens to me on 2 different pc. I used Hardware com1 and com2 with 4800 Baud, I dont know if it ist the Time of the connection or the ammount of Data, which triggers the problem.

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I am actually having the same issue where the display gets corrupted. I found that certain ascii characters cause the display to be corrupted. Please see the attached text file that will cause the problem. Put the text file onto your remote environment, then cat the contents.

# cat /tmp/garbled_terminal.txt

This will cause the teraterm display to be garbled each time.

2012-05-02 00:48 Updated by: vvicked

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