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CRLF in dispstr only does CR

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It appears that the LF is being ignored when CRLF is being sent together in dispstr

Erroneous Test Code:

for x 1 3
    sprintf "Test %d"  x 
    dispstr inputstr #13 #10	

Results in the first 2 lines being overwritten and only the 3rd displayed:

Test 3


for x 1 8
    sprintf "Test %d"  x 
    dispstr inputstr	
    dispstr #13
    dispstr #10

Expected Results:

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3

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This may be a related problem:

If you use:

dispstr #$0A #$0D '<some text>' pause <time>

then this text is sometimes not displayed before pausing.

It may should be #$0D #$0A instead, but I wonder whether it makes a difference.

It happens for 4.79 and 4.84.



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