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Ymodem over TCP/IP connection failure

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Setup: Tera Term 4.85
TCP/IP host: localhost
Service: other
TCP port#: 1337
SSH version: SSH2
Protocol: UNSPEC

The recipient of the TCP connection is a program hosted on the same machine.

Initiating a Ymodem Send works correctly sometimes (maybe only if Tera Term is cleanly opened?), however, after trying to perform a Ymodem receive, Tera Term begins adding an extra byte between the header and the data, resulting in 0x02, 0x00, 0xFF, 0xFF, filename, length, etc. The extra byte pushes everything over one byte such that the packet is one byte too many and the second CRC byte is out of scope for the recipient. The CRC is correctly calculated for the intended message, and not the message with the extra byte, regardless.

Additionally, Ymodem Receive does not seem to accept 128 byte header packets (is this due to the standard TCP/IP packet size?); it simply does not respond and continues to send Cs until it times out.

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