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Open Date: 2016-06-11 02:45

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telnet with intercharacter delay

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I use telnet to a ESP8266 programmed as transparent bridge-WIFI-RS232 to send text files, however, it lost characters,

in my opinion

the problem is in the slow speed of processing for each character for which it creates a packet if there was a delay can be set from 1 to 100 ms (as for the serial port) between each character would probably not lost any character,

you could add this functionality with telnet?

thanks thanks

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2016-06-11 02:45 Updated by: maurizio

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2016-06-27 20:04 Updated by: maurizio


yes, I think that's the slowness in processing of ESP8266 packet that not being able to accept the next packet with a loss of characters I live in hope that you can do this addition

2017-02-25 22:08 Updated by: maurizio


I do not know if this update only interests me, but maybe it's the unknown potential of this update that would give more visibility TeraTerm, I'm sure

2017-06-01 23:03 Updated by: maurizio

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I always hope that someone fixes this problem, maybe I'm wrong the way to access this portal

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