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Hi, I am reporting a bug. I'm using Tera Term with a TrueRNG 2 by ubldit. This is a random number generator connected to COM 3. I set in "additional settings" to binary, append and auto start logging. I changed the log file name to something custom and the location to the desktop.

What happens is the data starts scrolling by on the screen. Then the Windows "asterisk" sound chimes every few seconds or so. Sometimes it is complete and other times is cut off part way through. This happens more or less continuously while logging. The second part is that the Windows Print dialog opens up. Only the general tab is visible with the selection of printers etc. When this window opens the data scrolling on the screen stops. When I click "cancel" the dialog closes and data starts streaming again. In a one half hour test, the Print window opened about 8 times with no pattern to when it opens.

The driver for the USB dongle can be found at http://TrueRNG.net if that can help.


Doug J

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It seems that your device outputs the sequence of BEEP or PRINT to terminal.

To ignore these sequence:


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