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New macro command that can change flow control type of serial port

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"setrts" and "setdtr" are available, but no chance to set cts? help file only finds it as a resulting value of "getmodemstatus"

i have script scanning all possible baudrates and all possible bitmodes + flow control options. this is used on new devices that have unknown configuration. some are set with cts and some are not SETUP/serial menu gives option: flow control = hardware, but that is not possible to set via macro it seems.

can that be implemented please? Would help out a LOT!!

thanks, best regards

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Thanks for reply.

It seems i was confused about CTS and it's meaning, so i clearify more. Changing SETUP / Serial Port / Flow Control = {none|Hardware|Xon/Xoff} options by a macro command would help out alot. Since the setting can be made via the mentioned menu, and it influences TT's ability to connect to devices, I personally see a use case (of course ;-) ).

I had a lot of trouble finding the cause for my connection-problem, originating in an incorrect setting one can only set via global configuration, not via macro-command. Now that I know of it, i can help myself, but it may confuse others in the future.

Thanks for caring and Kind regards.

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