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COM Port Not Being Saved

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When I set the various parameters of a connection (Port, Baud rate, Data, Parity, Stop, Flow Control, Xmit and Rcv delay) I can save the setup and restore it next time I launch TT. All the other parameters are restored except Port. That setting always reverts to COM1.

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2017-10-02 15:33 Updated by: toml12953

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2017-10-02 16:51 Updated by: doda


Not reproduced.

What is the value of ComPort in TERATERM.INI after saving?

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Reply To doda

Not reproduced. What is the value of ComPort in TERATERM.INI after saving?

If I save to TERATERM.INI, the ComPort saves correctly to TERATERM.INI and TT will have the changed COM port when I restart it.

The problem is when I try to save and restore using a different file name. The INI file I save to shows the ComPort I changed to but when I restore my modified INI, the port remains at 1.


Change COM port to 2, Data to 7-bit then:


Setup Save Setup... type in any file name other than TERATERM (let's use TEST.INI)

Close TeraTerm Open TeraTerm Click

Setup Restore setup... type in TEST.INI

Data is restored to 7 bit but COM port remains at 1.

2017-10-06 13:13 Updated by: doda

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Restore setup does not change the current connection.

To change the default COM port, use the /F= option when launching Tera Term.

ttermpro.exe /F=TEST.INI

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