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Show Individual run results

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For your consideration:

In Crystal DiskMark, It would be interesting to see the individual run results represented in the green bar. For example, if you did 5x500mb, instead of a single big Green bar behind each of the tests, you could have 5 smaller bars showing the results of each test pass. This would help to determine if there is variation between the passes, which can't be seen currently.

So... - If you select 1 pass, it looks just like it does today. - If you select 3 passes, the green bar is divided in 3rds, 3 smaller bars stacked on top of each other, showing the individual run results. The final result ('big number overlaying the graph') would be unchanged.

Maybe, optionally, you could also include the individual run results in the text results as well (File > Copy)

Thank you for the great tool.

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