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e9d81ccb2011-02-13 03:49:42Funky Android LtdDeleted unneded key map files
16c9557f2011-02-13 03:49:17Funky Android LtdAdded keycode setting for on-device back button
8cbc7e772011-02-13 03:48:14Funky Android LtdRemoved unneded ALSA command
2a61d87a2011-02-10 01:33:51Funky Android LtdUpdated keymap
0cdd0b8e2011-02-07 16:22:21Funky Android LtdKernel tweaks to key on-device keys working, "help" the f...
02b11ea22011-01-06 23:27:44Funky Android LtdFixed possible boot crash
82bf6b9e2011-01-01 01:25:11Funky Android LtdUpdated config with a few tweaks
5c4ab80c2010-12-31 23:44:56Funky Android LtdAdded atom archotecture declaration
37692a002010-12-30 01:05:11Funky Android LtdTweaked kernel compilation config to remove unneeded para...
80c546132010-12-30 00:59:18Funky Android LtdUpdated to use asound.conf for ALSA configuration

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