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90e9ddd22020-09-24 00:03:33Saul HazledineGralloc patch to support ImageReader
0afe19612019-01-14 14:16:42Chih-Wei HuangOpen the DRM device of the primary framebuffer (fb0) Wit...
22d8ed6e2019-01-14 14:13:50Chih-Wei HuangLet gbm_free() return a value So that gralloc_gbm_handle...
9daba0a42019-01-06 15:37:19Chih-Wei HuangMerge branch 'fb' of https://github.com/lambdadroid/gbm_g...
9a78d4f82019-01-02 11:43:54Mauro Rossiandroid: add gralloctest gralloctest executable is added...
5ddecb142018-11-02 16:56:54Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into oreo-x8...
c8de380a2018-11-01 07:01:46lambdadroidAdd simple framebuffer HAL implementation using drm_frame...
137cc39a2018-07-03 07:58:19Mauro RossiUpdate usage flag handling for hwc Add support for GRALL...
27763e0d2018-07-03 07:50:01Rob HerringSwitch to use gralloc handle defined in libdrm Remove ou...
f552ac5e2018-07-03 07:44:01Rob HerringUse a std::unordered_map to lookup BOs from handles Remo...

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