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[Git] Branch 'refs/heads/release/3.0.0Alpha-Cocoa' has been deleted from hengbandosx
[Git] Branch 'refs/heads/release/3.0.0Alpha' has been deleted from hengbandosx
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: 5a628f90c7bbe7c319368cc6b73b4cca17772022)
Merge branch 'release/3.0.0Alpha-Cocoa' into develop/
[Git] The configurations for repository 'hengbandosx' have been updated
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: b91de96569cbff3e759c909540fdd7a74496e925)
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/feature/Fix-Ammo-Description' into develop/
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: e2af5c49e4c15076c1cd6673b129256d8aee3ba0)
Merge branch 'release/3.0.0Alpha' of into release/3.0.0Al...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: f20454bc61ad3716e984dc07791fee62826ae22f)
For OS X, mark the writeable files directory with the version version number as was done in the 1...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: 6b9206ffd250abc7d4aee6abfab0ff778fd37fd3)
Merge branch 'release/3.0.0Alpha-configure-version-number' into release/3.0.0Alpha-Cocoa
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: f7cde2dec7be966ef6477c506a8561f88839ee5e)
Bring version number in into agreement with the one in system/angband-version.h.
[Git] Branch 'refs/heads/release/3.0.0Alpha-clang-extraneous-paren' has been deleted from hengbandosx
[Git] commits were pushed to 'hengbandosx' (current: b918be00b46b954d3ef91b3086cc97b09cf12d7d)
[Fix] #41104 リファクタリングの置換処理ミスにより鍛冶師銘の表示フォーマットが崩れていた / The bl...
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #41061
The recent changes to the release/3.0.0Alpha branch got rid of clang's warning for target/target-...