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e43bcd212019-06-21 11:48:30Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: install modules for 'kernel' goal When do 'ma...
c4c6e49c2019-06-21 11:47:49Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: remove the module dir on errors The make goal...
47f688fd2019-06-21 11:47:16Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: use olddefconfig instead As suggested by the ...
c17b31262018-12-07 12:34:00Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: use olddefconfig instead As suggested by the ...
de7341662018-12-07 12:34:00Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: use the prebuilt flex of AOSP
9f80444c2018-12-07 12:34:00Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: set LC_CTYPE to C locale The simple workaroun...
b2bbce1d2018-12-07 12:34:00Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: use the prebuilt bison of AOSP Instead of rel...
f91e3a342018-12-07 12:34:00Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: fix bison unable to find m4 file issue Androi...
e93f62cd2018-12-07 12:31:38Chih-Wei Huangkernel.mk: set toolchain for 64-bit kernel
58d9035f2018-12-07 12:30:55Chih-Wei HuangRevert "kernel.mk: fix the linking error of kernel 4.9" ...

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