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d8064e112019-06-14 17:07:48Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/android-4.9' into kern...
0c1ee05e2019-06-14 16:58:23Chih-Wei Huangefi/libstub: remove duplicate nokaslr The same patch was...
0a8a3e5b2019-06-14 07:04:14Joel FernandesBACKPORT: Add support for BPF_FUNC_probe_read_str Downst...
eeb7e76e2019-06-13 11:31:48Chih-Wei HuangAndroid-x86: update defconfig for the 8.1-r2 release
d408a6f52019-06-13 01:09:18Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/android-4.19' into ker...
9ec9344a2019-06-13 01:06:19JP AbgrallANDROID: netfilter: xt_qtaguid: add qtaguid matching modu...
2bd859312019-06-13 01:05:33Robert LoveANDROID: net: Paranoid network. With CONFIG_ANDROID_PARA...
c776aaf02019-06-13 01:05:17lambdadroidANDROID: drm/i915: Avoid resetting brightness if set to m...
c2f7c8252019-06-13 01:04:55lambdadroiddrm/i915: Change maximum brightness for CRC PWM to 255 T...
fbc4d8742019-06-13 01:02:00Stephan GerholdUPSTREAM: Bluetooth: btbcm: Add default address for BCM20...

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