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A Nix-friendly SQLite-enhanced fork of Flitter, a speedrunning split timer for Unix-style terminals

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Flitterite is a Livesplit-inspired speedrunning split timer for terminals, including several command-line tools for managing a database of splits. Flitterite is forked from Flitter.

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  • Global hotkeys
  • :rainbow: Animated rainbow best splits
  • 24-bit terminal color
  • Undo / delete split
  • Pause / resume
  • Up to 60 FPS rendering with low CPU usage
  • Robust time computations: float math is mostly avoided

Flitterite-specific features

  • Splits and history are now stored in a SQLite database of splits
  • Import script for migrating from S-expressions to SQLite
  • Statistics for splits
  • Multiple routes and categories per game
  • Nix flake
  • Many bug fixes


Add this git repository to your Nix flake.


Create your database of splits:

$ flitter-new splits.db

Launch Flitter with your splits file:

$ flitter splits.db


Keybindings are all global hotkeys; they will work even when the terminal is not focused.

Keys Action
Space Start / split / save and reset if run finished
J Start / split
K Undo split
D Delete last segment
Backspace Pause / reset (save run if finished and save golds)
Delete Pause / delete run (don't save anything)
Q Quit (if not currently timing)


Feel free to make an issue or a pull request! Also feel free to copy any changes back to Flitter.

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