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[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #17291
I looked into this a bit but haven't found the bug yet. Special keys are handled with macros. I...
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #16967
Depends what you're trying to do with this. iostream wont be too useful because all input/output...
[SVN] Commit revision 60
Fixed crash on death.
[SVN] Commit revision 59
Making progress getting savefiles working. Fixed the header check so it gets further now.
[SVN] Commit revision 55
Remove old item-action call. (leftover from a vanilla merge probably)
[SVN] Commit revision 42
Replace the rest of the L wide string prefixes with _T()
[SVN] Commit revision 41
Fix logic error in file write.
[SVN] Commit revision 40
Fix makefiles referencing renamed player/p-util.o